Do I need to fill an area of ceiling where paint has been peeling?

Hi, I'm just sorting out my bathroom ceiling where some paint has been peeling off above the shower. I've scraped off the peeling paint and will be sealing it. Do I need to then put a layer of filler over the area (which is quite big) before putting the top coat on? I've seen one video on youtube where a decorator did put filler on and another where he didn't.

Asked by Tim on 17th Jan 2022
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"Hi after the sealer coat (I would have used a stabiliser) give it a coat of emulsion let it all dry see how it looks, and if the edges are still showing then fill the edges rub down, try not to rub through the sealer coat and then spot coat the filler with emulsion and let dry and topcoat the whole ceiling hope this helps"
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Thanks for the question! Yes, it is safer and more professional to apply a layer of filler, even because the area is large and maybe almost 1 centimetre deep, in this case before painting, or I remove all the paint from the ceiling and then sand it before painting. In this case, it becomes more work and more expensive! or I put a layer of filler to cover the surface and then apply a special Dulux bathroom paint that will last a long time for the paint as it is an area that is always wet due to the shower location and will always be wet."
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Apr 2019 - report
"Luckily, no matter the cause the repairing process for peeling paint on the ceiling is similar. You will need to remove all of the flaking or peeling paint and fill and plaster the surface. Then you'll need to sand it until smooth, prime seal the damaged areas, then apply a new coat of paint."
Answered on 18th Jan 2022 - Member since Dec 2021 - report
"I would give it a good sand down and a slight face fills to lose any defects on the ceiling. then followed by a coat of paint"
Answered on 19th Jan 2022 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
"If the filler is needed to level the ceiling g then more than just paint had come away. A plaster skim may be required ?.
If you decide to fill use a PVA solution on the area first, when dry use an exterior filler then a quality bathroom paint to alleviate the steam lifting the paint."
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Oct 2017 - report
"You can use poly cell smooth over - roll-on then smooth over"
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Jun 2020 - report
"Use peel stop and then fill edges sand to blend in"
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Jan 2017 - report
"Yes, and you need to use a special paint
I think you got mould on celling so use damp paint"
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Yes fill them and use Zinsser paint before the final coat
Otherwise, all patches will be visible and the final result won't look good"
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Oct 2020 - report
"First you need to make the filing in order to make a boud with the sealing whait to dry sand with fine grade sandpaper and after that aplly the seal whait till is dry and paint the final coat depens of the coverage it may require a second coat bear in mind if you gonna paint only part of the sealing it may look diferent so my advice is to paint the entire sealing"
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
"Hi, I suggest you scrape off all flaking paint and stain block area because it's flaked off for a reason (moisture) after the stain block has dried face fill the low spot to meet the existing ceiling and apply 2 coats of a good quality moisture-resistant paint, hope this helps, sonny from a2z decorations"
Answered on 17th Jan 2022 - Member since Jun 2020 - report
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