What is cylinder snapping?

What is cylinder snapping and how do I prevent it? I've read it happens in about a quarter of all burglaries.

Asked by Tushar on 11th Jan 2023
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"It's when the cylinder inside your key lock barrell is snapped using a screwdriver to gain entry into the house."
Answered on 11th Jan 2023 - Member since Nov 2022 - report
"Cylinder snapping is when a euro cylinder is broken in half by griping the the exterior of the cylinder and applying force left & right or up and down. The half cylinder pulls out and the cam is exposed which can be turned with a flat head screwdriver to unlock the door.

To prevent this to the maximum you can get a 3-star rated cylinder. Additionally, if compatible with your locking mechanism, you can get 2-star rated handles like mila prosecure handles which cover over the euro cylinder so there is no access to the cylinder."
Answered on 12th Jan 2023 - Member since Oct 2017 - report
"Cylinder snapping is when an intruder uses pliers to grab and twist a look so it breaks in the middle, they can then pull out the cylinder which unlocks the door.

There are two ways to prevent this,:

1. Use an anti snap lock, unlike the name these do snap however they have little notches in them that prevents the intruder from pulling the.cylinder out, some are even designed to break but leave the middle of the barrel inside the lock keeping it secure.

2. Ensure the cylinder is flush against the door, this prevent the intruder from being able to grab the lock with pliers and making the lock impossible to snap"
Answered on 8th Nov 2023 - Member since Oct 2023 - report
"Call a locksmith to advise and survey/upgrade your locks if need be"
Answered on 12th Jan 2023 - Member since Dec 2022 - report
"Cylinder snapping is when a burgular uses a screwwdriver to snap a euro cylinder. This is common when the euro sticks out by more than 5mm from the handle or escutheon.
Tonprevent this all euros should be flush to the escutheon or handle. This is how all locksmiths fit these locks."
Answered on 12th Jan 2023 - Member since Dec 2018 - report
"Cylinder snapping is where you use molegrips or similar and attach to the door cylinder and snap it in half. When this part is removed, it allows you to access the locking mech and turn it to unlock the door.

To prevent this from happening you should fit an anti snap eurocylinder and make sure you fit the correct size leaving no more than 3mm showing on the outside of the door"
Answered on 11th Jan 2023 - Member since Nov 2022 - report
"Cylinder snapping is a burglary method were intruder bends the front of handle base up giving then access to barrel/ cylinder,they then use either barrel snap bar or moldgrips to snap the barrel ushing the barrel out then using something (I cannot give to many details as I'm a locksmith) unlock the door most people have a mat behind the door making it soundless when it drops.
I suggest you use anti snap barell and secure by design handles to prevent.
As a reply to apparent best answer it is not snapped with screwdriver or indeed virtually impossible to do so with handle case still in place.
Further information required...contact me"
Answered on 17th Nov 2023 - Member since Sep 2023 - report
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