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    Can I mount a large TV to a plasterboard wall?


    I have a 32” TV that I would like to have mounted to my wall. Ideally to hide the TV cables behind the wall too.
    It is a plasterboard wall and is internal, so wouldn’t involve dealing with any brickwork.
    The aerial connections are already working and a plug socket already available within reach of the wall.
    Would this be strong enough to support a TV of this size or would it need some other kind of support?

    Asked by Carol on 8th Mar 2019
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    Best Answer

    Terry Wiles Handyman

    This should be fine to do, yes.
    There are a few options you could take with this.
    You will need to have the wall’s studding/uprights located, to then drill holes to screw the bracket into after.
    A similar option could be to cut a hole in the plasterboard wall (which would be immediately behind the TV’s fitted location) to locate the studs. You could then fix timber to the studs to allow for the bracket to be attached to and provide a good distribution to the weight.
    Then the remaining hole in the plasterboard could be covered by more plasterboard or other material of your choosing – it would likely be best to hide the hole for a neater look and overall cleanliness.
    Alternatively, you could user toggle clips, which would go through and distributes the weight from the bracket.
    The best solution may depend on your walls specifically, it would probably be best to have a skilled handyman take a look to judge the most suitable. "

    Answered on 8th Mar 2019 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
    Middlesex Plumbing and Heating

    This wall would be strong enough to fix the TV too. However, i recommend that you locate the metal/ timber framework which the plasterboard is screwed to and secure the mounting bracket for the TV to this as opposed to the plasterboard if possible.
    I would also recommend the use of hollow wall anchors as opposed to the self drilling plasterboard screws as these will anchor themselves to the inside of the wall when fixed into position and give a much stronger fixing, also they can bear more weight than standard plasterboard screws."

    Answered on 10th Sep 2019 - Member since Jun 2019 - report
    Jarvis Decor

    "Yes you can. But you would need to find the stud work (timber) or add an extra horizontal stud to support the weight of the tv"

    Answered on 5th Apr 2019 - Member since Mar 2018 - report
    Savvy Electrician & Handyman Services

    "Yes the plasterboard will completely and firmly hold the 32" TV with no additional support."

    Answered on 2nd Mar 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
    PJM Electrical And Property Maintenance Services

    "U can buy a new type of fixing for plasterboard which is able to withstand around 70kg I have used these for the TVs in my 2 children’s bedrooms which are 28inch combination dvd TVs and they are solid"

    Answered on 5th May 2019 - Member since Mar 2019 - report

    "Yes with the correct wall plugs"

    Answered on 5th Apr 2019 - Member since Nov 2017 - report
    SCC Maintenance

    "Hi yes it will be fine as long as plasterboard fixings are used.32 inch teles are pretty light thanks"

    Answered on 18th May 2019 - Member since May 2019 - report
    Jr multi skilled maintenance services

    "It would be recommend to have a timber plate inserted in behind the plasterboard to strengthen the fixing bracket for the TV this would support up to a 47in tv."

    Answered on 1st Apr 2019 - Member since Jan 2018 - report

    "Yes just need a large ply wood backing attached first probably size of tv"

    Answered on 1st Sep 2019 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
    Signature works

    "Hi yes

    Using the correct fixing to take the tv weight and bracket combined

    You can use many plasterboard fixings, would also recommend trying to fix to stud work where possible!

    Thanks Steve"

    Answered on 14th May 2019 - Member since Feb 2019 - report
    bulldog carpentry

    "As long as you can find the timbers behind and fix into them."

    Answered on 10th Apr 2019 - Member since Jan 2019 - report

    "You would need to fix the bracket on to a solid brickwork. On to plasterboard would not be strong enough."

    Answered on 13th Apr 2020 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
    Doc's Property Solutions

    "Yes with the correct plasterboard fixings plenty strong enough"

    Answered on 30th Apr 2019 - Member since Jul 2018 - report
    Croydon Handyman

    "Yes, using the correct bracket and wall plugs for the bolts."

    Answered on 1st Apr 2019 - Member since Feb 2018 - report
    A* Home Improvements

    "Yes. Providing you to fix the TV mount into the stud wall correctly rather than using the wall plugs."

    Answered on 30th Oct 2019 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
    R Foster

    "Modern 32" TVs are not really heavy and you could fit it into plasterboard with the right bracket and fixings. Alternatively, fit some wood across the plasterboard supports and fix to that"

    Answered on 2nd Nov 2019 - Member since Mar 2018 - report
    Bishop EEMS

    "Depending on the weight of the TV, most of them can be mounted with good fixings (spring toggle bolts or grip its).
    I have fixed 50" tvs with mechanical arms to plasterboard in this way before.

    Luke B"

    Answered on 10th Apr 2019 - Member since Apr 2018 - report
    Chris Frost electrical

    "I would say no ideally you would be better putting a piece of timber in first and patch up if needed.
    There are fixings available for plasterboard walls but I wouldn't risk a tv."

    Answered on 19th May 2019 - Member since May 2019 - report

    "It is possible using special plastered board fixings if the TV is a light weight model, and the wall is double skinned, (meaning two layers of plaster board thick in depth) otherwise you will need to find the timber frame points behind the plaster board to secure it to."

    Answered on 3rd Apr 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
    Lunar builders/Flat pack assembly

    "Yes you can mount the TV on the plaster board wall but I would suggest you aleast try and find 1 timber stud in the wall to support the Tv bracket, also used toddle plaster board screws which you can pick up from screwfix they are not that much to buy and can hold up to 25k weight each.
    Hope this helps."

    Answered on 23rd May 2019 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
    TCS Handyman Services

    "Yes, you would need specialist raw plugs and therefore would not need to find the studs. Because of the studs putting cable behind the wall would cause mess. I have done this lots before and I have all the right plugs and screws. I have hides wire within tubing in the past which can be painted. I have also extended power leads if needed. I have recently used the same plugs on a plaster wall and attached a 75 inch TV to that and had no issues. Regards, Tim, TCS Handyman Services. I generally fit around 5 TVS to walls on a weekly basis."

    Answered on 10th Apr 2019 - Member since Sep 2018 - report
    The Brit m Company Ltd

    "Need to find a stud if none the think about building a frame from the floor to the ceiling you can cover it or paint it to the same color of the wall if needed."

    Answered on 23rd May 2019 - Member since May 2019 - report
    Brilliantly Bespoke

    "Yes, you can, you have to use the correct fittings and plugs suited to a plasterboard wall plus make sure to check the weight allowance to ensure they are suitable to take the TV. Another way you could do this is to cut out the area of plasterboard and apply a sheet material like ply then re-apply plasterboard, this allows you to fix directly to the wood with no wall plug."

    Answered on 5th Nov 2019 - Member since Nov 2019 - report
    Handy heroes

    "Yes you can there are two ways of doing this one a support (wood)attached to the timber the plaster board is attached to second you can buy screws specifically for plaster board mounting you drill a slightly bigger hole they have a spring that opens two wings and u pull them back into the board as you bolt it up (will work fine with 32in ) larger tv's are better off with first option as need the support
    Kind regards
    Barrie Allen"

    Answered on 11th Apr 2019 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
    Odd Job Nick

    "All depends on the weight of the TV and the fixings you are going to use. Personally i'd prefer to have some kind of support for the TV."

    Answered on 13th Dec 2019 - Member since Oct 2019 - report
    Kent Cable Tech

    "It is more a question of the construction of the wall itself . If you can mount the tv bracket finding a stud behind the wall this would ensure a safe installation although if it is not possible to find a stud for the positioning of your tv using the correct fixings for the plasterboard can obtain the desired strength and safety of installation."

    Answered on 23rd Apr 2019 - Member since Oct 2017 - report
    Laurentiu HOREL

    "To securely mount the tv to the wall you should first find the support behind the wall and place plywood in the exact position of the TV. This should be screwed to the joist or metal stud behind the plasterboard to create support for TV."

    Answered on 24th Oct 2019 - Member since Sep 2019 - report

    "Yes if you use the right plasterboard raw plugs which are usually instructed on the fitting instructions of the tele or the bracket."

    Answered on 30th Mar 2019 - Member since Feb 2019 - report
    Georgiou Joinery

    Yes the wall will be strong enough, you have to locate where the timber studs are behind the plasterboard to work out where to put your fixings."

    Answered on 13th Jun 2019 - Member since Apr 2019 - report

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