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Cost to repair damp floor at patio doors

I have been asked to get a quote for an insurance claim but i'm not sure what trade to contact. I notice water damage at the bottom of my kitchen unit. I pulled back the flooring at my patio doors & the floor is damp/wet. I have a couple of steps going down into the garden. I think the water has come in due to the heavy rain & high winds. How much would I be looking at to remediate the damage and what trade should i be contacting? Thanks.

Asked by Ann on 4th Feb 2020
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Build retaining & reinforced block garden wall cost

What price would I be looking at to build a reinforced block wall 18m long and 1.8m high in the garden with foundations and bars/mesh.

Asked by Darius on 3rd Feb 2020
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RSJ and wall removal cost

Hi, How much (approximately) would it cost to install an RSJ to an external load bearing wall between a dining room and extension in order to open the dining room into the kitchen? This is to make an L shaped kitchen diner. This job would involve the removal of a wall below the RSJ, approximately 7ft x 6ft.

Asked by Jacqueline on 3rd Dec 2019
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Cost to install patio doors?

How much is it to install patio doors? This includes the removal of the existing window, cut out the rest of the wall and install doors. Thanks

Asked by Diane on 25th Nov 2019
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Subsidence issues

I am a single working mum of 4 children living in a private rented property. I have informed my landlord on many occasions and I with no other options had to call out environmental health. After 2 visits to the property, they said it was a danger, then after them meeting the landlord, I have been ignored. Since last year I've had cracks appear inside and outside of my flat above a shop which I measure daily and are quite deep and wide enough to get my fingers in. There are also gaps in the stairs and between floors, skirting boards and windows etc. Now door frames are coming away from walls and snapping. Is there a way I can get a free structural report? I am afraid, I'm living here with 4 children and it's dangerous but not able to afford to get help off my own back.

Asked by Donna on 21st Oct 2019
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Garage floor replacement

The garage floor is composed of block paving, would it be possible to install a concrete floor on top, or would they need lifting? Would a damp proof membrane be required?

Asked by John on 14th Oct 2019
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lintel replacement

How much to replace concrete lintel over door from a hallway to the kitchen?

Asked by Graeme on 14th Oct 2019
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Knock Down An Internal Wall

How much to knock down an internal wall and install a RSJ and make good

Asked by Ally on 10th Oct 2019
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Rising damp in kitchen

Who would I need to come out to look at a damp patch in my kitchen? I'm guessing rising damp on a wall that used to be external, now part of extension. Would it be a builder or a damp specialist? Thanks

Asked by Gemma on 30th Sep 2019
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How wide do extension footings need to be?

Hello all, I am planning on some extension work and have not been able to find out how wide the footings for the foundations will need to be. I’ve been told they need to be 1 metre deep, but not how wide. Could anyone enlighten me on this, please? This will be a single storey extension on entirely flat ground.

Asked by Adam on 16th Sep 2019
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