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    Hi, I have a problem with my shower valve. The thermostat is stiff, thus is difficult to adjust the hot/cold water. From producer website the product is described as: "twin outlet triple control concealed thermostatic valve with ABS coverplate" ( I need an expert opinion, but I assume the work needed is: - either check if there is any lime scale and try to clean it - either change the showervalve is the limescale cannot be removed. Anybody able to help me with this? Thank you, George

    Asked by George on 27th Aug 2019

    Hi all I have a bath fitted to a corner with tiles to the joining walls, where the sealant material which joins the bath edge and the tiles seems to be peeling away. I don’t want to leave this issue too long for the risks of leaking as it wears away further. What would be the best sealant product I could use to replace this current material that’s peeling away? If there are any other products or ideas anyone recommends, please let me know.

    Asked by Robert on 24th Aug 2019

    Hello all We have recently stripped wallpaper from a wall as part of our renovations and found some hairline cracks along the plaster. (The plaster itself is still completely solid and no loose sections to worry about.) I had been advised to use scrim tape for hairline cracks in plaster. Before priming the walls to be skimmed, should these cracks be sealed with scrim tape, before the walls are primed to be skimmed? Is there any risks to the plaster over the long term by using the scrim tape? If anyone has any other suggestions for hairline cracks, besides re-plastering the section, please let me know.

    Asked by Cheryl on 21st Aug 2019

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    I am renovating a small 2 bed terrace house. There are numerous repairs required. These include roof and chimney repairs (stripping slates adding weather barrier and refitting), ground floor repair / renovation and damp tanking (floor joists rotted at front wall), kitchen door move (to existing window) / wall alteration (RSJ) and new fit units, bathroom new fit, new windows / doors (6 windows, front and rear door, 1 small velux), possible rewiring, yard wall demolition and rebuild, free standing garage demolition and removal. I am currently looking for quotes for works required. How much generally should I expect to pay? High and low estimate?? Cheers

    Asked by Jason on 20th Aug 2019

    Hello I am undergoing some redecoration of a bedroom at the moment. Recently we have replastered the walls and applied a first coat to the walls. Afterwards, we will be applying a second coat to the walls, then some minor repainting work on the ceiling afterwards. I have been told that using paint pads can provide a more even finish and are less messy to use, than normal paint rollers. Has anyone had any past experience of using both to compare? An even coat is my main priority with this, so if I can manage this with less mess using the paint pads, I’ll be keen to try them out.

    Asked by June on 18th Aug 2019

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