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    Why have my paving slabs become uneven?


    In my garden I have some paving slabs, laid a few years ago, which have become increasingly uneven since then. The paving itself seems fine apart from some wearing around the edges. Does anyone know why this happens or how it could be fixed easily? Or even, if anyone knows how I can prevent this happening again in future? I have been told that adding ‘sharp sand’ beneath the slabs to fill beneath can help even it – or would it be best to re-lay the slabs with some new sand underneath?
    Thanks, Mo

    Asked by Mo on 4th Mar 2019
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    Best Answer

    Great Gardens

    "Hi Mo, Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your paving. The first issue here is that your paving has been laid on just sand. Sand will wash away over time, which is why your paving can become uneven. There are a few options that this could be done, but none will just be sand as the base for the paving like you have now. Most would agree that first, the area would be dug out about 6 inches deep. From here, you could add a geotextile membrane into the area dug out, before adding a full-bed of cement to lay the paving on. This ensures that the paving will be fully supported.
    Some may choose to do this part differently, possibly having a bed of cement and sand before adding the pacing or using the 5 spots of cement technique. These days it would be recommended to go down the route of having the membrane (like Terram) included – particularly as you want to prevent any further issues in future. This isn’t necessarily the most difficult fix, but I would recommend hiring a professional even if it means paying a bit more to make sure it’s done right this time."

    Answered on 4th Mar 2019 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
    FRojoc construction

    "Poor ground preparation!
    Always slabs laying on sand and cement!"

    Answered on 13th Apr 2019 - Member since Aug 2017 - report
    L Brogan Garden Design

    "It sounds like they may not have been laid correctly, do you know if they were laid with a full bed or using the dabbing method? or the mix may have been too wet, the more water that is used the weaker the bond. I would recommend re laying. If they are uneven, putting sand is just a sticking plaster."

    Answered on 1st Jul 2019 - Member since Apr 2019 - report

    "It's often roots from trees and bushes growing underneath that will cause them to move over time.Depending on which slabs have raised or lowered, redistribute the sharp sand every so often, and then use a rubber mallet - bashing it on top of the slabs to compact the soil and sand underneath."

    Answered on 20th Apr 2019 - Member since Apr 2019 - report

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