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    Mould spreading after a fixed water leak


    Can mould spread throughout a home even if there isn’t a water leakage issue? Mould is still spreading in different rooms of the house. It all started with a big leak several years ago but that issue was fixed and I don’t see any other signs of leakage. So is it possible that some of the mould simply survived the initial effort to kill it off and has spread from there even without a renewed problem with water leaking? I know that moisture can cause the problem too. How can I tell if moisture/humidity levels are too high in my home? And how can I rule out the possibility that a new water leak is helping the mould to spread again?

    Asked by Lou on 23rd Sep 2020
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    Best Answer

    Birchwood Plumbing Services

    "Mould usually likes moisture and warmth, I would approach a specialist company that deals with this type of issue."

    Answered on 23rd Sep 2020 - Member since Nov 2018 - report
    Arc Electrical Cumbria

    "If there was an excessive amount of water then this will find its way into every nook and cranny. Mould is a living organism, it spreads in the air and where it lands on any condensation,thus the mould spreads
    To get rid of the mould you have to remove as much as the moisture in the house as possible ,this can effectively done using dehumidifiers. Once dried out the mould can then be removed with bleach and water, look online for the ratio of bleach and water."

    Answered on 23rd Sep 2020 - Member since Aug 2017 - report
    M.Coll Limited

    "Mould continues to grow if the spores are not killed initially as the spores grow like fungus.
    If you are certain the leak has been repaired, then it could be down to many other things.
    If the humidity in your house is too high and the circulation is poor, this creates a perfect home for mould to grow, especially behind things like book stands. Mould also like to build up on external walls ( walls which on the opposite side is the outside ) as the cold wall from outside meets the warm humid wall internally, this is a perfect home for mould to grow.
    There may also be the issue of rising damp, this is where your DPC ( Damp Proof Course ) May be compromised causing water from the ground or areas where the external ground level is higher than inside, to rise through the materials of your property, as these are porous and act like a sponge.
    If the leak is certainly repaired.....
    I would suggest a damp meter, this is a device you hold on the wall and it gives a reading of how much moisture is in the wall, this is then comparable to a chart, for example, of what is normal, high or low moisture.
    Also a dehumidifier, in the property could help to draw out the moisture. If the problem is large, a bigger more advanced dehumidifier may be necessary or place several around the house.
    Opening windows and allowing a draft through the property will also help.
    If you aren’t certain the leak is repaired, or, The leak was ill repaired, or, you may have a new leak, then it may be worth inspecting this again."

    Answered on 23rd Sep 2020 - Member since Jul 2020 - report

    "If you have a leak unfortunately you are more likely to get mould. Mould lives on surfaces where there is moisture, damp and warmth. If you have a leak I would advise you to get it repaired. It normally does help to get air in the room that is mouldy and damp, leaving a window slightly opened during daylight or having a vent helps. Hope that helps."

    Answered on 22nd Feb 2021 - Member since Dec 2020 - report

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