How to repair a hole in a wall?

How do I repair a hole in a wall? It is plasterboard, one of my kids has managed to go through the wall with a door handle. It is a rented property and I am worried I will get charged. Do I need to plasterboard and plaster the whole room?

Asked by Patrick on 1st Apr 2020
Expert Trade Answers
"A hole created by a door handle can be filled with polyfilla
Allow that to dry before sanding down. it can then be painted over. Painting the entire door would produce a better and a more complete job."
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
"get a bag of easy fill and apply a few coats, sand back level and repaint"
Answered on 15th Jul 2022 - Member since Jul 2022 - report
"Cut the area into a square with a stanly knife or padsaw, cut a peace of plasterboard to fit, drew to bit of wood behind the excisting wall, then acres the plasterboard to this, then use some easy fill over the area of plasterboard and onto the excisting wall leave to dry and sand flat"
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Jan 2020 - report
"Get a piece of plasterboard, cut a neat square out, fit the new piece with a bit of baton behind and fill gaps with easy fill. Sand down and repaint should do it."
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Apr 2019 - report
"For a simple handle repair job, I’d advise you to cut a Square out of damaged plasterboard. Once exposed get 4 bits of wood and fix them inside of the square. Only fix half of the wood leave the other half for the new bit of plasterboard to be fix too.

Scrim the joints with scrim tape and plaster over with muiltifinish plaster. Once dry, paint. Good as new."
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Jun 2016 - report
"No just cut a neat square hole and put a bit of timber in then plasterboard into that then fill it. Then put door stops on the skirting boards."
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
"Plug the hole with newspapers as much as possible then add filler and rub down and paint"
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
No you can just patch the wall up. Normally I do these small repairs for £60. Let me know if you need help."
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
"Hi Patrick its easily fixed if its deep a bit of bonding to fill it out then a we patch of skim to smooth it out. Its a small easy job by the sounds of it"
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
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