How to protect electrics during a floor

I live in a part of the UK that is susceptible to flooding. In the event of floods, what steps should I take in terms of the electrics? Should I turn off the power? If it’s not something I should myself, is there any way to have emergency workers come out to help with the electricity during such a scenario? Is it best to just evacuate? 

Asked by Greg on 7th Jul 2021
Expert Trade Answers
"Isolate power supply. In the event of a flood going to occur you could see about diverting the water with precautions before it happens.
Something worth looking into"
Answered on 7th Jul 2021 - Member since Feb 2021 - report

If you get a flood warning then yes you should turn the power off at the fusebox. It's also worth if you haven't already having your sockets moved to a higher position on the wall.

If the situation is very bad then generally the local substation will power down."
Answered on 7th Jul 2021 - Member since Apr 2017 - report
"In this situation just turn the main off not be back till make sure no electricity under water or wet."
Answered on 30th Aug 2021 - Member since Jan 2021 - report
"I would recommend looking into having your sockets raised so there is less likely a chance of water reaching them."
Answered on 18th Jul 2021 - Member since Jun 2021 - report
"The electrical circuit must be protected in the electrical panel with RCD / 30mA or RCBO / 30mA class B."
Answered on 9th Aug 2021 - Member since Feb 2021 - report
"It’s best to flip main switch off or if consumer unit and fuse carrier is flooded do not enter the property
Call emergency electrician to assess the situation
And call UK power network to report"
Answered on 7th Jul 2021 - Member since Dec 2019 - report
"I would ensure the consumer unit is at a reasonable height for you to access and switch off in the event of a flood without the use of step ladders or steps, in addition I would also suggest the lower sockets which are regularly flooded are wired in plastic conduit and moved to a height above the normal flood table there by if rewiring was needed this would not affect chopping out the walls"
Answered on 7th Jul 2021 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
"The best thing to do is for you to relocate. If the house is prone to floods, there are more other serious problems staying in such a house. Health problems are the most serious concerns. Should you decide to continue to live there, today exists what are called leak sensors. Those are placed on the lowest floor where there is a potential hazard of flooding. Once the water triggers those sensors an electrician can install a smart installation and that will turn off main power supply."
Answered on 2nd Oct 2021 - Member since Sep 2021 - report
"Just inform the electrician that you need water protection. There are socket's and switches with this protection"
Answered on 31st Dec 2021 - Member since Oct 2021 - report
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