Ive got heating but no hot water

When I switch my boiler on I have heating but no hot water. Can someone advise please?

Asked by Stefan on 8th Oct 2019
Expert Trade Answers
"Have you got a combination boiler or or cylinder and boiler suspect motorised valve"
Answered on 8th Oct 2019 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
"If it’s a combi boiler. Probably the divertor valve. If heat only boiler the three port valve or controller"
Answered on 8th Oct 2019 - Member since Mar 2018 - report
"If you’ve got a thermostat, and a reset option, try that first. Alternatively try operating your boiler manually, if that still fails, it could likely be your diverter valve on the boiler."
Answered on 23rd Dec 2019 - Member since Dec 2019 - report
"Is it a combi boiler or standard regular boiler? If combi then the diverter valve may be the issue and if regular then most probably the zone valve"
Answered on 10th Nov 2020 - Member since Oct 2018 - report
Quite possibly you require a new diverter valve, as
it may have become stuck, on a combi boiler it switches from hot water to heating but when it gets stuck you either get one or the other but not both.
Hope that helps."
Answered on 21st Feb 2021 - Member since Dec 2020 - report
"This is usually a faulty 2 or 3 port motorised valve which is found by your hot water cylinder."
Answered on 13th Jan 2020 - Member since Nov 2018 - report

Possibly you need a new diverter valve, it may be stuck."
Answered on 18th Oct 2019 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
"Depends on your system, if you have a cylinder then the first place to look is the zone valve."
Answered on 23rd Jan 2020 - Member since Jan 2020 - report
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