Flat roof issue with neighbours

Hi, we are currently renovating our house (bought 3 years ago )and building a extension to our kitchen (build notice/permitted development). Part of this involves replacing the current grp roof ( which has failed and leaks ).

We are semi detached and our flat roof backs on to our neighbours flat roof on the party wall. Their roof is currently 6 inches higher than ours and the joint laps over our roof . We spoke to our neighbours yesterday and informed them of our intention to replace and raise our roof level to give us a little more head room in the new kitchen. They have said that we cannot do this as they a have a lifetime guarantee on their roof and that is if we alter the overlap it will invalidate their guarantee. Is this true? Also do they have the right to refuse permission? Finally as we are intending to raise the roof, would this come under the scope of a third party wall notice?

Thanks in advance

Asked by Dan on 9th Sep 2020
Expert Trade Answers
"You must tell your neighbour if you want to:
build on or at the boundary of your 2 properties
Examples of this type of work include:
building a new wall
cutting into a party wall
making a party wall taller, shorter or deeper
removing chimneys from a party wall
knocking down and rebuilding a party wall
Your neighbours can't stop you from making changes to your property that are within the law, but they can affect how and when your works are carried out.
A life time guarantee seems unrealistic I’d ask to see evidence or information on the company to check their terms.
Even Polyroof don’t offer a lifetime guarantee and that’s the most advanced on the market to date."
Answered on 9th Sep 2020 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
"They alone cannot stop you getting work done. I would advise having the original roofer that did the flat roof for the neighbour check the work after being carried out, I would also have a competent roofer do the work for you so it is up to the highest standard of work so no one can complain about the work carried out. Thanks."
Answered on 12th Nov 2020 - Member since Aug 2020 - report
"Not easy without a visual,
I’m guessing there’s a parapet between the two, if so this will allow you to split the burdens,
I would say at worst you will have to make there’s good and get it inspected by their roofer
( if still in business)
It’s not fair them overlapping your roof then you being responsible in any way"
Answered on 9th Sep 2020 - Member since May 2018 - report
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