Connecting extension to external wall insulation

Hi, I currently have external wall insulation around my whole house and I want to add a kitchen extension, how do I connect the extension to the house, especially the wall plate for the lean to roof. All advice is greatly appreciated.

Asked by Ashish on 3rd Apr 2024
Expert Trade Answers
"Cut through the insulation in line to where the new extension is going so you can fix your extension walls back to the original solid house whether it’s timber frame or masonry"
Answered on 13th May 2024 - Member since Feb 2024 - report
"Hi, you will just cut a void in the insulation to make it continuous or cut the insulation back and join to the existing brickwork."
Answered on 3rd Apr 2024 - Member since Dec 2023 - report
"After the foundations have been concreted and brickwork up to damp level, then an item called a 'firfix' which is a stainless steel flat plate with connectors which is screwed to the building. Then slide the connectors in at every 3 course of brickwork/every course of blockwork. join as many as required to get to the top of your walls. Fix on both inner and outer leaves of structure.Wall ties bridging both leaves at every block course.
Years ago builders would 'tooth' out the old and stitch in the new, but as foundations moved fractionally the tended to crack along the join.

The roof, if it is a lean-to style, would have a timber fixed to your house with bolts secured with a chemical fix resin. Then joist hangers would be nailed along at required lengths to accept the roof rafters which in turn are secured on the wall plate(4''x 2'') with truss clips nailed with twist nails. plate straps hold the plate down the wall at 2 meter maximum gaps .
If a gable style then the first rafter can be fixed but usually roof trusses are self supporting. If a hand cut roof is used then a concrete pad-stone is inserted into the wall and the ridge beam sits on this.
I hope this gives you a better understanding."
Answered on 16th May 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
"Hi it rob clarks property services the answer from the last tradesmen is correct the installation will have to be cut back so you can fix the wall plate tight on to the brickwork. Hope this can answer your question"
Answered on 3rd Apr 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
"You will have to get hight of wall plate pluss go 200 mm above for lead. Work and cut the insulation to suit"
Answered on 3rd Apr 2024 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"The builder that does the work will tell you what's best. If you are doing it yourself ask a builder to come and have a look as after market product are different. And give them a drink for the advice"
Answered on 3rd Apr 2024 - Member since Oct 2023 - report
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