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    I've painted a wall with dulux one coat, it came out ok but then I changed the light switches and needed to repaint around the switches but unfourtantly it's now left a huge paint patch where I've painted and can be see in various light, do I need to 're paint the whole wall to make it look good again?

    Asked by Joanne on 2nd May 2021

    I’d like an interesting and novel wallpaper design for my kitchen. Can you recommend some patterns/designs that I should consider? 

    Asked by Bill on 21st Apr 2021

    Does a high gloss paint product show imperfections on a surface? Is there any ways around this or will I just need to use another type of product instead?

    Asked by Jenny on 21st Apr 2021

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    Got a question that only a tradesperson can answer? We have thousands of trades ready to answer any question you may have.

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    Is it okay to use a latex paint product on a surface that was previously finished with an oil paint? If it depends, what sort of steps should I take to be on the safe side?

    Asked by Bill on 19th Apr 2021

    How do you deal with rain spotting on the surface of a wall?

    Asked by Kelly on 12th Apr 2021

    What is the best waterproof paint to use for external woodwork on seaside properties?

    Asked by Marian on 8th Apr 2021

    Hello, I am currently redecorating my room. There has been a persistent mould problem which has been looked at. We are planning on installing a ventilation system. Mould occurs on the exterior walls particularly around the window. I know I want to use Dulux. My plan was to use the bathroom paint, but I am wondering if the Easycare washable paint will suffice? There is little price difference between them so I was wondering what is the most suitable for a bedroom like mine? The only downside for the bathroom paint for me is that they don't come in a matt formula this however is not the end of the world! Any advice much appreciated! Thanks!

    Asked by Yas on 4th Apr 2021

    How does bleeding/staining occur on a wall? Why is this happening what can I do about it?

    Asked by jonathan on 18th Mar 2021

    There’s mould growing on paint on the exterior of my house. What can I do about this? How can I fix it? How long might it take to sort it out? And what products/treatments do you recommend not only to remove the current mould but to prevent fuutre mould growing? Thanks.

    Asked by Sharon on 18th Mar 2021

    What to do about yellowing marks on radiators? What is the best way to remove it?

    Asked by lauren on 10th Mar 2021
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