Can I remove pebbledash from pebbledash walls?

Myself and my partner are looking at some new homes which feature pebbledash walls on the outside.
We would prefer the traditional brick look, as best as possible, rather than the existing pebbledash. We would consider these houses if there are suitable removal methods.
Can the pebbledash layers be removed without leaving stains or damage to the brickwork beneath?
Could bricks underneath be damaged in the process? Is the whole process expense typically?

Asked by Michael on 22nd Jul 2019
Expert Trade Answers
"It's very unlikely that you will find brickwork under pebbledash on a newbuild property - most likely they would have used lightweight blocks as they are cheaper and quicker to lay, and have a better thermal performance than bricks"
Answered on 22nd Jul 2019 - Member since Jun 2019 - report
"hello there

yes it can be removed with sds drills and correct scaffolding but unfortanly there will be residue from the cement render on the bricks plus there a high chance of damaging the face off the bricks when removing the pebbledash.... hope this helps."
Answered on 22nd Jul 2019 - Member since Aug 2017 - report
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