Bringing in more light to the downstairs of house

How can I bring more light in downstairs without adding any kind of extension or conservatory?

Asked by Robert on 19th May 2023
Expert Trade Answers
"The cheapest way would always be by painting in light colours to make a room seem brighter."
Answered on 19th May 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"Few possibilities

- Install Larger windows.
- Cut down any trees or remove any obstructions outside that are blocking natural light coming in
- May be possible to fit a sky tunnel"
Answered on 31st May 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"Cut a bigger opening and brighten the inside of the room a dif colour"
Answered on 19th Jun 2023 - Member since Apr 2023 - report
"Increase window sizes. Make window into patio doors. Light tube from the roof. Velux window in the roof and open up the ceiling (depends on the type of property you have). Reflect light from outside by using white painted wall or fence"
Answered on 31st May 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"Rear wall removal and install byfolding doors with RSJ from side wall to side wall."
Answered on 25th May 2023 - Member since Feb 2023 - report
"Depends on the house having bigger windows or and extra windows,changing any the garden door to glass pannels doors"
Answered on 20th May 2023 - Member since Feb 2023 - report
"Paint the room in to a bright colour preferably white, and make sure the window area it does have a white curtain"
Answered on 23rd May 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"LEDs ceiling spotlights candles if money is not a problem skylight roof"
Answered on 7th Jun 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"Depending whether you’re in a terraced house semidetached for detached if you are in a detached, it would be nice to have a window at the bottom of the stairs or possibly at the top of the stairs, which would project light into the downstairs area if your property is in a dark west facing area LED lights on the kitchen cupboards, or simply just invest in new lighting, daylight bulbs"
Answered on 29th May 2023 - Member since May 2020 - report
"By putting in either a velux roof window or increasing rear door with French or bi fold doors"
Answered on 31st May 2023 - Member since Feb 2023 - report
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