Where to get rubble from

I need to obtain some rubble as part of a project to level of my garden. Its a small garden. I have no idea where and how to get it in my garden.
Any ideas / help is very much appreciated

Asked by Sara on 30th Mar 2021
Expert Trade Answers
"By saying rubble I assume you want what we call mot or hardcore. Any builders merchant will be able to deliver some to you. Mot or hardcore comes in different sizes so depending on how severe the slope is will determine which size and how much you will need. If its not severe then 20mm to dust should be ok."
Answered on 30th Mar 2021 - Member since May 2019 - report
"Rubble as hardcore to put under flags etc is available in any building merchants.

Normally in the form of white stones/rocks in 1 tonne bags or 25 kg sacks"
Answered on 30th Mar 2021 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
"Contact your builder or local builder and explain what kind of rubble you need.
They can arrange it for you"
Answered on 30th Mar 2021 - Member since Feb 2021 - report
"Hi Sara,

You can either buy type 1 to use to help level the area or have you tried gumtree, there are usually people getting work done that means they want rid of rubble.

Answered on 30th Mar 2021 - Member since Nov 2020 - report
"Lots of people put free rubble and hardcore on internet sites like freecycle and gumtree.
Best place to start looking."
Answered on 30th Mar 2021 - Member since Apr 2020 - report
"New Milton sand and ballast are excellent and if you tell them the measurements and how deep you want it they will tell you how much you need"
Answered on 30th Mar 2021 - Member since Jan 2020 - report
"All stones sand and gravel do reclaimed hardcore of various grades I am sure they can help you."
Answered on 30th Mar 2021 - Member since Jan 2015 - report
"Thank you. Rubble is generally discarded as rubbish . If you need big pebble or garden gravel to fill a hole or filler on a project go to garden centre
do not think you can buy on the net no further ideas, Regards Mike"
Answered on 31st Mar 2021 - Member since Jan 2019 - report
If you google, I believe that you find something. Sometimes you may find for donate, maybe you need a special transportation.
I do not recommend put no organic rubble like plastic, glass, metal, etc.
If you are not in rush you can provide your own compost with a composter.
Good Luck!!!"
Answered on 2nd Apr 2021 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
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