Tiling before remodelled bathroom fitting

Hi. We’re getting a new suite put in, but it’s not going in the same places as what’s being taken out. There’s going to be pipe work in all new places - where the Plumber decides is best.
So, as we don’t know where the Plumbers will put the new pipe work .
Do we tile now, or after fitting?

Asked by Charlotte on 4th Mar 2021
Expert Trade Answers
"Tile after pipeworks done 100%
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since Feb 2021 - report

We always fit the suite and then tile after as much as practically possible."
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since Dec 2019 - report
"Tile after the pipework, because if do tile before you might have to remove the tiles and retile again."
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since Jun 2020 - report
"Hello, If you want the tubes not to be seen, to install them in the wall you must first mount the tubes and then mount the boards"
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since May 2020 - report
"After fitting the pipe, you can stick the tiles"
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since Jan 2019 - report
"Always tile the bath and shower area after they have been fitted. Tile should be done after first fix in order to hide pipes and holes."
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since Jan 2020 - report
"No, the plumber will put the pipework in place and your bath or your shower tray most likely if you’ve got one and then they would tail and then fit the rest of your bathroom suite."
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since May 2020 - report
"The tiling should be done after the plumbing is finished."
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since Nov 2020 - report
"Hi there, thank you for your question. In my opinion, you will need to get out the old stuff. Reposition the waste shower and hot/cold. The tiles will be fitted at the end."
Answered on 4th Mar 2021 - Member since Nov 2020 - report
"No, ask a plumber to first fix and leave stop ends in place anywhere he wants pipes to come out of the walls or floors. Then have your tiler come in and tile all floors and walls, leaving the stop ends coming through neat holes 15mm pipe, 20mm hole.

Now have your plumber fit your bathroom suite, as if anything ever breaks you haven’t got silly tiles cut around a specific shape and if your toilet breaks you don’t have to re-tile again because the shapes aren’t right.

That’s how in an ideal world you would do it."
Answered on 6th Apr 2021 - Member since Apr 2017 - report
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