Laminate over parquet

Just moved into a 1930's house with original parquet floor which is paint splattered and has raised about 2mm in the odd place around the edges. It seems very dry with no moisture evident. Can I lay laminate over the floor to spruce the property up.?

Asked by Pj on 16th Oct 2020
Expert Trade Answers
"I'd go against the grain and say NO!

Whether it be fibreboard or an underlay, the laminate will make the parquet pop and rise, ruining your laminate (as well as the parquet).

You have to decide whether you take the parquet up or get it treated to look nice again (and any replacements for gaps).

I have a picture of a parquet that was covered by fibreboard and laminate. It shows it rising up and blowing."
Answered on 23rd Oct 2020 - Member since Oct 2017 - report
"If the parquet is solid,lay the laminate over the parquet"
Answered on 16th Oct 2020 - Member since Oct 2020 - report
"I would also use a good quality fibreboard underlay to help take away the uneven floor"
Answered on 16th Oct 2020 - Member since Sep 2020 - report
"Yes its fine to go over it, don't use fibre board. I would go for good quality underlay with built in dpm as this will no cause problem to old floor"
Answered on 10th Nov 2020 - Member since Jan 2019 - report
"I personally would not put any thing over the floor, I would sand the floor then use a wood strainer light or dark depending on what sort of look you would like for your home."
Answered on 14th Oct 2021 - Member since Oct 2021 - report
"I suggest removing the damaged parquet flooring. If you were to lay laminate flooring on top of the damage floor chances are over time the laminate will start to raise with the parquet.

Also, best to remove any type of damage flooring laid down before fitting new flooring.

I've learnt this from attending properties that have tried this method but in the long run never seems to work.

So I would suggest removing the flooring before laying the laminate.

Hope this helps"
Answered on 24th Feb 2021 - Member since Dec 2020 - report
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