How much does it cost to repair a thatched roof?

I have a thatched roof home that I am now looking to have repaired in a few areas.
The majority of the roof is in suitable order, but there are some areas which will need replacing if possible.
What are the costs involved in having repairs to a thatched roof?

Asked by caroline on 28th Feb 2019
Expert Trade Answers
Well, the price will very much depend on the extent of the damage to the roof. For example, if there is only the top layers effected by the weather and general wearing, then the cost would likely be a lot lower than if the structure beneath has been damaged.
An average roof has the area of around 12 squares (1 square = 10ft x 10ft) which would cost up to £14,000 to replace the whole roof surface. Based on this, 1 square should cost between £1100 to £1200.
If you can estimate the approximate damaged area of your roof then you should be able to have a reasonable estimate for the roof’s surface.
However, if the damage is also affecting the structural elements of the roof, this could increase the cost massively by the surface layers being removed/replaced and the structures being removed, disposed of, replaced and installed correctly – before the thatching can be reapplied. This kind of damage is significant, time-consuming and, of course, expensive. To what degree will depend on the level of damage. How expensive this could be would likely be significantly more than an ordinary roof layer replacement mentioned earlier.
If you have any indication of any structural damage, you should have this properly checked by an experienced thatched roofer. The risks of leaving structural damage could be disastrous, so I would recommend having the roofing surveyed sooner rather than later. The eventual cost may be considerable, but likely better than the cost of the damage being left to get worse.
In either case, I would recommend getting a few different quotes from different roofers to judge the level of damage of your roof – to get the clearest picture of possible issues and the approximate quotes. "
Answered on 28th Feb 2019 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
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