Filling old socket hole

As part of my new kitchen I've had an old socket removed which has left a hole about 6 inch by 7 inch and 1.5 inches deep, and the box is still in it. This wall is going to be tiled, but what's the best way to fill the hole ready for tiling? Can I use foam and poyfilla or is this something for a plasterer?

Asked by Katy on 24th Apr 2024
Expert Trade Answers
"Just cut a piece of insulation board, duca or wedi or plasterboard or cement board and fill the hole with tile adhesive, not ready made, powder adhesive, flexible mixed with water and smooth it off.👍"
Answered on 24th Apr 2024 - Member since Apr 2024 - report
"If there is no existing cables left over, you can use abit of plasterboard or just tile straight over it, just make sure you put plenty if tile adhesive where the hole is."
Answered on 24th Apr 2024 - Member since Feb 2024 - report
"Cut abit of plaster board with a screw in it and put in gap and pull it till you've filled it then remove screw & fill hole .Don't fill wit foam or just filler because it will short your circuit with live wires in there ."
Answered on 24th Apr 2024 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Just fill with peace of plaster board or any old broken peace of brick with tile adhesive or cement."
Answered on 24th Apr 2024 - Member since Apr 2023 - report
"Fill it with anything even can use tile adhesive. If a tile covers it then no need to fill at all"
Answered on 22nd May 2024 - Member since Aug 2023 - report
"Hello, if there are no electrical wires there, you can use foam or cut a piece of plasterboard to size and stick it on"
Answered on 25th Apr 2024 - Member since Feb 2024 - report
"Leave it for your tiler, ithe simplest way would be to just fill it with adhesive it will take minutes . Don’t use foam"
Answered on 26th Apr 2024 - Member since Aug 2023 - report
"hi km tilers here
i would use a a couple of hand fulls as a gage but wear gloves add the powder to warm water and mix fairly stiff so it wont run out of the hole. pack well in and smooth off surface with a tool or small battern and leave set back a few mm so it dosnt leave a bump for the tiler. the setting time from bucket could be as fast as 15 mins for this method an tiles can be done amediatly after"
Answered on 16th May 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
"Ideally take it out and fill with bonding 1st coat plaster or filler pva before sticking"
Answered on 29th Apr 2024 - Member since Sep 2017 - report
"Hello! Of course you can use polystyrene foam if there are tiles on top!"
Answered on 3rd May 2024 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
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