Click vs glue down vinyl

Is it better go with click or glue down vinyl?

Asked by Sharon on 8th Nov 2022
Expert Trade Answers
"Glue down is far easier to replace a plank should it ever get damaged! So I always recommend glue down"
Answered on 8th Nov 2022 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Fully adhered LVT vinyl is the better option leave the click to the diy men"
Answered on 8th Nov 2022 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
"For the efficiency of the labourer you would definitely go with glue, however you need to make sure that the job is done by a professional, as different areas might required different glue and knowing how to spread the glue correctly is also an extremely important factor, on top of that if you leave a bit of the glue on the vinyl, it can't be seen when it is fresh, but later you will see areas where dust accumulates more and it can't be easily cleaned

Click vinyl is a cleaner job and usually it is slightly a slower process, however there are vinyl's that would no go well with click if the edges have too much space for moving, in that case you will not have a very consistent pattern on the floor, however for some builders click seems an easier way to install it and they do a perfect job that lasts very long, but is very easy to misunderstand a beginner that has done laminate only and thinks that it is the same way with vinyl with a professional that knows how to work with vinyl"
Answered on 14th Nov 2022 - Member since May 2022 - report
"glue down would be better because it is fully stuck and you don't have to worry about the joints popping"
Answered on 24th May 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"Glue down all day and night 24/7/365.

The sub-floor matters regardless of which product. Some have the view that it doesn't matter with regard to click. It does.

Click is simply a troublesome product that I avoid and do not install.

I've seen too many failures for it no matter how good or bad the installation was.

Take my advice. Stay away from click, you'd be glad you listened."
Answered on 13th Nov 2022 - Member since Oct 2017 - report
"I as a fitter think click is actually better than glue just anything with glue can get ruined easily with water click stuff can also be bad but there is some really good quality stuff available"
Answered on 11th Nov 2022 - Member since Feb 2019 - report
"I use both depending on the client’s wishes. However I always recommend click, I find it longer lasting, better quality and the end result is better quality."
Answered on 8th Nov 2022 - Member since Jul 2022 - report
"Click is better than glued vinyl, 1. Its easy to install 2. When you need replace its less messy to take out"
Answered on 8th Nov 2022 - Member since Sep 2022 - report
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