Carpet underlay


What underlay is good/the best for bedroom provided it is wood floorboards floor, carpet is 12.5mm thick and dense (it has already have that soft and spongy feeling)? Current gap between the floorboards and the door bottom part is about 22mm. There will be some quite heavy furniture (up to 120kg) on small legs, so would be nice to avoid permanent furniture indentation marks, if possible.


Asked by Zhanna on 24th Oct 2023
Expert Trade Answers
"It's not so much about the thickness of the underlay it's more about the density. I'd go for something like Cloud 9 Charleston or Connoisseur in 10mm thickness"
Answered on 24th Oct 2023 - Member since Mar 2023 - report
"The better the underlay the better the carpet will feel. Cheaper carpets with good underlay feel better than expensive carpet with poor or no underlay"
Answered on 17th Nov 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"Cloud 9 is my personal choice as it's not to thick or thin and it's a strong comfortable composition, it's around £60 online, don't buy from a carpet shop as they make over 200%profit per roll and it's not even the good stuff and it'll cost just as much if not more than the carpet. There is cumulus underlay which is by the same company and it's slightly thicker which I would use in the main room of the house only for added comfort."
Answered on 13th Nov 2023 - Member since Oct 2023 - report
"Cloud 9 is a quality underlay that is popular with carpet fitters. Indents from furniture is hard to avoid unless you go for a stiff carpet.

Indents can be lifted by wetting the area and ironing through a towel…if at any point the furniture is removed

Hope this helps"
Answered on 8th Feb 2024 - Member since Jun 2023 - report
"Man I just chose the one I think is good if u do it for your self just spend little bit more money on it"
Answered on 27th Oct 2023 - Member since Oct 2023 - report
"I would use allure 10 mm it’s a nice dense underlay perfect for your use"
Answered on 24th Oct 2023 - Member since Oct 2023 - report
"10 mm would be more good for your carpet and floor"
Answered on 24th Oct 2023 - Member since Jul 2022 - report
"I would recommend cloud 9 cumulus 11mm underlay for your bedroom it is a high quality brilliant underlay"
Answered on 17th Jan 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
"You can can get really good contract style 8mm pu underlays when it comes to indentations in your flooring especially carpets I’m afraid you’ll alwasy get a patch from any weight of furniture no matter what carpets or underlays you use

Many thanks
Answered on 25th Oct 2023 - Member since Oct 2023 - report
"there is only one option, it's just to cut in the places where the legs will be and when you need to move out with glue"
Answered on 13th Jan 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
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