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    Would you like to discover how much painting the outside of your house will cost?

    This guide discusses everything you need to know about painting the exterior of your home. Including outdoor painters fees, exterior paint prices, things to consider and our frequently asked questions.

    Check it out below!

    a man painting outside of house

    The average cost of painting the exterior of a house in the UK is:

    Depending on the area you need painting, it will usually take: 3-5 days


    How Much to Paint a House?

    On average, the price of painting a two-storey, three-bedroom house in the UK is estimated at around £850. However, always keep in mind that this price is an estimate, and many cost varying factors will affect the actual expense of your project.

    These factors include things such as the size of your home, the design of your home, the materials used and the tradesperson's daily or hourly rates.

    When hiring a professional painter and decorator to paint the exterior of your house, you will usually be covering the cost of all materials, supplies and their labour. In most cases, it may be necessary for you to erect scaffolding prior to having the exterior of your home painted.

    Some smaller companies will likely charge a lower rate to paint the outside of your home, in comparison to a larger painting organisation.

    Another overlooked cost varying factor when hiring a tradesperson is the area in which you live. For example, if you live in an expensive city such as London, you will likely pay higher rates for the work. Companies that supply the use of their own tools and equipment may work out more affordable as they do not have to include their hire costs in the quote.

    A professional painter and decorator will likely suggest the best quality paints and materials to use for your project, however, consider shopping around if you have to source the paint yourself to find the best value for your budget.

    Exterior House Painting Prices

    As we mentioned previously, the average cost of painting a house exterior in the UK varies on many factors. A significant cost varying factor would be the size and style of your home.

    Below is a table in which we have demonstrated an example of how much the cost may vary when hiring a tradesperson to carry out the work on your property. Please keep in mind that these costs are estimates and should only be used as a rough guide when budgeting for your project.

    House Type Size Estimated Time Cost
    Terraced House 2-3 Bedrooms 3-5 Days £550-£750
    Semi Detached 3 Bedrooms 4-5 Days £700-£1,000
    Detached 3-4 Bedrooms 4-5 Days £900-£1,500

    Supply Only Costs

    If you want to combat painting exterior walls yourself, you may need to know the supply only costs. This means without any labour cost, and included only the cost for materials needed to complete the job.

    Type of exterior paint Average cost per litre
    Gloss £15-£20
    Semi-gloss £10-£15
    Satin £15-£26
    Masonry £2-£8
    Wood stain £16-£20
    Metal £15-£20
    Decking stain £5-£10
    Decking oil £5-£20
    Shed and fence treatment £1-£6

    To paint an average sized house, it will take approximately 30-50 litres of paint to fully cover the exterior of a house.

    Labour Costs and Time Scales

    Labour costs can vary depending on location experience and how long the job takes. On average, most exterior painters will charge £100 to £200 per day for labour alone.

    Check out the table below to find out the time scales of different sized houses:

    Type of house Exterior condition Duration
    Terraced Smooth 2-3 days
    Semi-detached Smooth 3-4 days
    Detached Smooth 4-5 days
    Terraced Textured 4-5 days
    Semi-detached Textured 6-7 days
    Detached Textured 7-8 days
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    Cost Factors of Painting a House Exterior

    There are a number of factors that can influence the price of painting a house exterior. Firstly, size, depending on the type and style of house, it can drastically increase the cost of getting an exterior of a house professionally painted. A terraced house costs can start from £550 where as a large detached house can cost as much as £1,500.

    The state of the exterior of the house will also play a big part in the cost, as if the exterior needs fixing, such as filling cracks and replacing render, this will bump up the cost even more.

    If you have to hire scaffolding, this can add another £400-£600 on to the painting price. If you live in a bungalow, you won’t be expected to pay for this fee, as scaffolding won’t be needed.

    What's Involved in Painting a House Exterior?

    You may be wondering what is involved in the process of painting a house exterior. Generally, the process is relatively straightforward if carried out by a professional painting and decorating company. However, as with all other home improvement projects, there are required steps that must be taken in order to achieve the best results possible. Hiring a team of experts to carry out the work for you will make the entire process much faster and give you long-lasting results.


    Painting the exterior of your home comes with many advantages. It not only freshens up the appearance of your home, but it can also add value as well as protection against the elements. It is advised that you should re-paint the exterior of your home every ten years if it has already been previously painted.

    When you hire a professional to paint the exterior of your home, they will initially pay you a visit to assess the scale and complexity of the job. They should discuss with you what results you are aiming to achieve, such as the colour and finish of your exterior. They will determine a timeframe of how long they anticipate the job to take. Usually, for a medium-sized two-storey home, you can expect up to 5 working days for the job to be completed. Depending on the firm you have chosen, scaffolding may be necessary to make the process more efficient and effective. Your tradesperson will discuss the options and recommend whether your property requires the use of scaffolding.

    Before starting the job, some steps must be taken to prepare the walls for painting. Most tradespeople will include the preparation in with the overall cost; however, be sure to check this with them before they turn up to begin painting. The exterior needs to be prepped by removing any existing flaking paint and washing down all of the walls to remove dirt and debris.


    Consider making any necessary repairs to the walls during the preparation stages, as they will be much more difficult to repair once they have been painted. If the mortar between your bricks has started to deteriorate you may need to repair or renew it, re-pointing your brickwork may be included in your quote if you ask your tradesman. You may even need to hire a house renderer to do patch repairs or re-render your property if the damage is too severe.

    The cost of rendering a house is much higher than painting at around £2,000 to upwards of £8,000 but it may be necessary if your render has become damaged. After all the preparation and repair work is done your walls should then be primed with a specially formulated exterior undercoat, which will prepare the surface for painting. The painters will then seal and mask any doors and windows, along with vents, outdoor lights and other openings with the appropriate materials for protection. Once the walls are prepped and ready, the painting can begin. Trims, doors and sills should be painted last if you have chosen to do so.

    DIY House Exterior Painting

    While painting the outside of your home may seem like a relatively simple job, there are a few things you should consider before attempting to do it yourself. As with any home improvement project, for best results, you should always seek the assistance of a professional.

    Attempting to paint the exterior of your home yourself can not only be dangerous but may leave you with a patchy, uneven finish. We always recommend contacting a qualified professional decorator or wall coating specialist to assess the scale and complexity of your home. Painting and decorating are a skilled qualification, and painting the outside of your house can be much more challenging than merely painting the inside.


    Not only should you have experience with working at heights, with ladders or scaffolding, but you will also need to understand the handling of chemicals and specialised exterior paints. Achieving a professional result is a lot harder than it may seem, and, if you are unsuccessful, you may end up with a terrible looking finish.

    The most significant step in any painting project is preparation. This plays an essential role in determining the end result, and if done incorrectly, could result in a poor-quality finish. A professional decorator knows exactly how to prepare the exterior of your home correctly, resolving any issues along the way.

    Attempting to carry out the painting of your house exterior yourself may cost you more money than it would to hire a professional in the first place. Think about it; if you make a mistake or the final result looks terrible, you could end up having to re-purchase more paint to correct your mistakes. Our advice will always be to contact a qualified expert to complete the work for you effectively.

    Different Types of Exterior Paint

    Choosing the style and finish of your exterior paint can seem somewhat overwhelming. With so many colours, textures and finishes to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Exterior paint can come in a range of different finishes, such as Flat, Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Satin. Flat exterior paint or Matt as it is commonly referred to, has a non-reflective finish which makes it appear slightly chalky when dry. Thanks to its non-reflective surface; Matt paint tends to disguise uneven surfaces and bumps in walls.

    Gloss and Semi-Gloss exterior paints are typically used only for trims, sills and doors, and other areas which may be susceptible to high levels of wear and tear. The glossier the paint, the more durable they tend to be and is a perfect option for areas that may need to be washed or scrubbed frequently.


    Satin or Eggshell exterior paints are somewhat in-between Matt and Semi-Gloss. They have a slightly higher reflective finish than Matt paints. However, they are nowhere near as glossy as a Semi-Gloss or Gloss paint. Satin exterior colours are also a great washable option, with their shiny finish lasting longer than Matt paints. However, if the paint is mixed incorrectly, the finish tends to appear patchy and uneven.

    Flat or Matt exterior paints are expected to last between 5-7 years before they start to deteriorate. Satin exterior paint offers more durability than Flat paint and is estimated to last between 7-10 years before declining. Gloss exterior paint is the most durable when compared to alternative finishes and is anticipated to continue upwards of 10 years, if applied correctly, before needing re-touching.

    Hiring a Professional House Painter Checklist

    Before hiring a professional painter for your exterior painting there are some things you should consider. Below is a checklist for you to follow before committing to a painter.

    • Conduct a search of local tradespeople in your area.
    • Compare prices between multiple contractors to achieve the best price.
    • Never pay the quoted price in full upfront.
    • Always ask for a written copy of your quote with a breakdown of costs.
    • Ensure that the tradesperson has insurance in the event of any damages.


    How Much Will It Cost To Paint A 2-Storey House?
    The UK national average cost of painting an average-sized, two-storey home is estimated at around £850, depending on the scale and complexity of your property.
    What Is The Best House Exterior Paint?
    In 2019, the UK voted Sandtex Ultra Smooth finish as the best quality outdoor paint for renovations of all sizes. Dulux Weathershield is also one of the UK's leading brands in masonry paint ranges.
    How Long Does It Take To Paint The Exterior Of A House?
    You should allow up to 6 days for the exterior of your home to be painted. This timeframe can vary depending on the size of your home and the complexity of your project.
    Is It Better To Spray On Exterior Paint?
    Not necessarily. In fact, one advantage of using a roller and brush when applying exterior paint is precision. Spraying the paint will result in thinner layers being applied, often needing more coats to achieve even coverage. An experienced decorator will be able to advise you on which method they suggest for your project.
    What Is The Most Popular House Colour?
    Last year the UK's most popular choice for exterior paint colours were strong neutrals such as Greys, Beige and Clay.

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