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Bathroom Costs

Cost of Re-grouting a Bathroom

There are a number of reasons why people decide to replace grouting in bathrooms. But by far the most common reason is simply beca...


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Cost of Installing a Power Shower

People sometimes get confused between power showers and electric showers, but a power shower has a pump that increases the flow ra...


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Cost of Replacing Taps

Replacing taps in the bathroom can easily spruce up a dated space. If you've been considering upgrading the space, but do not...


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Cost of Installing a Bathroom Extractor Fan

Your bathroom is probably the most humid room in the house as showers and baths can build up excessive moisture in the air which w...


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Cost of Installing a New Boiler

Most boilers are replaced due to problems as they simply don't work anymore! But some are replaced for better energy efficien...


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Cost to Remove and Replace a Radiator

Radiators are essential to distribute the heat generated from the boiler around your home. But sometimes they stop working and nee...


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Cost of Installing a New Bath

Usually, the bathtub is replaced at the same time as the rest of the bathroom furniture as a set, but sometimes the bath will need...


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Installing Downstairs Toilet Cost

Adding a downstairs toilet can make a home much better to live in and can increase the value of the house! Ask anyone who has smal...


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