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Painting and Decorating Costs

Cost Of Removing Artex

Artex is a decorative coating used on walls and ceilings. It is no longer in production or use today, as it is well-known as a con...


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Cost to Pebble Dash a Home

Pebble dashing the home will give it an entirely new look. Whether there is damage to the siding, you are tired of the appearance,...


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Cost of Painting a Bedroom

Paint does not last forever so there will come a time when you, unfortunately, have to consider redecorating your bedroom! It may...


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How Much Does It Cost To Plaster a Celing?

Obviously, if the plaster on your ceiling is all cracked and falling down on your head, you know it's time to re-plaster, but...


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Removing & Hanging Wallpaper Cost

Giving a room a fresh new look with wallpaper is a popular project as wallpaper has become fashionable again in recent years. This...


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Plastering an Interior Wall Cost

If your house interior plaster is looking a bit tired and painting the walls never seems to give a decent finish, then it’s prob...


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Hang Bedroom Wallpaper

Wallpapering your bedroom can really set off the room nicely but it can be expensive. The cost of the actual wallpaper can vary a...


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