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Driveways and Paving Costs

Block Paving Cost

Block paving has been popular in the UK since the 1980s when clay or concrete blocks were available in a handful of colours. Since...


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Cost of Dropping a Kerb

If you looking to drop a kerb for domestic vehicle access then the price will vary and depend on your location and the local counc...


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Cost of Installing a Driveway Gate

Driveway gates require a lot of planning to get it right. Done well they offer a beautiful entrance to your home, done on the chea...


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Cost of Tarmacing a Driveway

Tarmacing a driveway will not only help improve the appearance, but also help eliminate toll to your vehicle. If your driveway is...


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Cost to Concrete a Driveway

The main reason to install a driveway is obviously to get your vehicle off of the road, but a new driveway can also completely tra...


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Cost of Installing Electric Garden Gates

One of the first things any visitor will notice about your property is the entrance, first impressions count and buying electric g...


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Power Washing a Driveway

If your drive is covered in moss, overgrown with weeds or has years worth of ingrained dirt. Then you will probably find that clea...


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