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    I would like to install more switches at two different doorways within the same large room. Ideally both switches could be used independently of each other without any conflict. Is it feasible for me to install the additional switch and make adjustments by myself or is this more for a professional electrician to complete? In either case, is it likely that I will need to repaint or plaster around the switches afterwards? Any advice on this project would be great!

    Asked by Patrick on 1st Jul 2019

    I want to install a new clothing rack in a bedroom which will hang from the slanted roof side of the room. At the lowest point is about 1 metre from the floor and about 2 metres at the highest point, the angle is roughly 45 degrees too – so it seems an ideal size for a rack. I am planning on having joins that hold the rail every half metre or so, to distribute the weight - the length of the rail will be around 2 metres long. Are there any reinforcements for the weight or other adjustments I might need to install the clothing rail on my slanted roof?

    Asked by Catherine on 28th Jun 2019

    Hi, I have a glass coffee table top that needs reattaching to its base. I’ve tried using silicone but it doesn’t work. I’ve read that epoxy would be the best glue to be used but that UV light should be used to cure it? I’d appreciate any guidance. Thanks Teri

    Asked by Teri on 25th Jun 2019

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    For the past week, I’ve had a small drip leaking from the u-bend pipe underneath my kitchen sink. It seems to be from the joins of the pipe sections. So far, I’ve had to put bowls underneath to collect the drips, but I can’t leave it like this for too long. Is there anything I could do that might fix this drip in the meantime? I could probably take it apart, but haven’t just in case I can’t put it back together. Alternatively, should I just hire a local plumber to take a look?

    Asked by Karen on 22nd Jun 2019

    My front door’s lock has become very stiff recently when I try to turn the key in it to unlock it. However, it doesn’t seem to bad when locking the door. I’d like to solve this soon so I don't get locked out. It seems to have gone worse over time and is now consistently stiff, despite the door and lock only being a few years old. Is there anything I can do to make the lock a bit looser? Or is it more likely that I need to replace the door’s lock? If anyone has any ideas for what could have caused this, please let me know – as I don’t want any repeats of this in future.

    Asked by Cheryl on 19th Jun 2019

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