What's the shortest bath you can buy?

What's the shortest bath size you can get that's still practical to use? We want to fit a bath in our compact bathroom. It currently only has a shower.

Asked by Pete on 5th Feb 2023
Expert Trade Answers
"Baths actually quite small but it does as always depend on the size of the person,, children love bath always have done so I wouldn't have thought small bath will be a problem ,roll-top baths the easiest and smallest freestanding always works"
Answered on 12th Feb 2023 - Member since Oct 2022 - report
"1400/700 £ 149
1200/700 £ 160

the same question as a small nothing new needs the dimensions of the room.
regards Mario"
Answered on 5th Feb 2023 - Member since May 2022 - report
"It depends of course on how tall you are. If you are very short a 1200 bath is available, however, for the average sized person to have a bath as comforatbly as you can, we'd recommend a 1500 bath. Small corner baths just don't cut the mustard, they are small and not very deep."
Answered on 8th Feb 2023 - Member since Feb 2023 - report
"Have a look at French baths. They are very compact and can fit in a small space. But are still practical."
Answered on 10th Feb 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"1600mmx700mm is the smallest range in baths, any smaller would not be fit for purpose. Hope this helps."
Answered on 5th Feb 2023 - Member since Feb 2022 - report
"1500mm is the standard smallest but I can get one at 1400mm"
Answered on 5th Feb 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"You can get a 1220x720 short bath.
Sit in and use it for a shower"
Answered on 5th Feb 2023 - Member since Aug 2021 - report
"bath i think 700 x900 but shower tray 700x700 u can use"
Answered on 5th Feb 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"Custom baths can be ordered online for most sizes.
Smallest readily available would be a 1500 steel bath."
Answered on 5th Feb 2023 - Member since Jan 2018 - report
"1000mm 39inch end 1200 mm but is to small can’t be used for over 7years old not comfortable"
Answered on 5th Feb 2023 - Member since Jan 2020 - report
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