Self-employed cleaning contracts

Should I draw up a contract or agreement with my self-employed cleaner to avoid any problems?

Asked by Robert on 11th Sep 2022
Expert Trade Answers
"Contracts are fundamental to most working relationships. They state, without doubt, the obligation of all parties involved and protect all parties should there be a failure to fulfil an obligation.

It’s never a bad idea to adopt one. In this instance it can include rate of pay, hours of attendance, responsibilities for products equipment etc, damage to property and the like."
Answered on 12th Sep 2022 - Member since Nov 2017 - report
"If your cleaner is self employed that means they are responsible for pay their own tax and national insurance. They are not employed by you so they don't need a contract."
Answered on 11th Sep 2022 - Member since Apr 2019 - report
"What the foundation of your question, are you looking to start a cleaning company"
Answered on 11th Sep 2022 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
"Yes please it is so important that you get a pre approved contract in place, as you and the customer know where you stand, plus you will receive your payment as long as you both have adhered to the contract you have set up."
Answered on 16th Oct 2022 - Member since Aug 2022 - report
"Hiring someone to clean your home is a big deal. You’re not simply letting a stranger into your personal space. You’re trusting them with your safety, comfort, and one of the most important aspects of your wellbeing – cleanliness.

You may not think cleanliness is essential to your life, but studies show otherwise. However, while cleaning is important, it’s also time-consuming. Like a starving beast feasting on our leisure one minute at a time.

So cleaning is usually among the first household chores to get outsourced. Yet are you choosing the right person or company for the job? Are you asking the right questions before you make up your mind or do you simply go with the lowest bidder? If you’re not sure, then you’ve come to the right place."
Answered on 14th Sep 2022 - Member since Aug 2022 - report
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