Problem with water after I have showered.

When I fill the gap in where the shower meets the shower tray outside and leave it for a day so it dries soon as I have a shower it is wet from the bottom of the shower inside what can I do? Thanks.

Asked by Andrew on 24th Nov 2021
Expert Trade Answers
"Get a plumber round to use a flexible silicon sealant and seal all around the shower cubicle"
Answered on 24th Nov 2021 - Member since Jun 2019 - report
"People don’t realise but in the corner of the shower, you need silicon because this is a common price for water to get through failing that you can now get some good corner sealant to put between your tiles and you show basically."
Answered on 24th Nov 2021 - Member since Sep 2019 - report
"It is done with silicon need to be taken out and new silicon apply, if is with rubber need to tide up or check the connection if is loose from the trap tray"
Answered on 24th Nov 2021 - Member since Oct 2021 - report
"If you have sealed the shower yourself and it is still leaking I would suggest you call in a plumber and get all the old silicone removed and re sealed professionally"
Answered on 24th Nov 2021 - Member since Sep 2021 - report
"Just check It’s not your waist on your shower tray"
Answered on 12th Dec 2021 - Member since May 2020 - report
"Need to dry properly and re-bed doors on tec 7 or similar"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Oct 2020 - report
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