How long do bricks take to weather?

We've had an extension built with the same type of red brick that the house was built with but the newness of the bricks in the extension does stand out. How long do you think it will take for the bricks to weather, so they stand out less?

Asked by Karen on 11th Feb 2023
Expert Trade Answers
"It will take many many years to weather naturally depending on location of course.
If it really is annoying you it is possible to tone it down with a light wash over with a darkening agent."
Answered on 12th Mar 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"It will take a good couple of winters takes time and the motor can look different aswell"
Answered on 12th Feb 2023 - Member since Feb 2023 - report
"I would say it depends on the type of brick and mortar ratio they have used. Could be months by the time you have had some rain,cold to really weather the new bricks properly."
Answered on 11th Feb 2023 - Member since Dec 2020 - report
"it will take at least 12 months of weathering tostart looking less noticeable."
Answered on 7th Mar 2023 - Member since Jun 2020 - report
"The bricks will weather overtime sun rain snow however long it takes"
Answered on 11th Feb 2023 - Member since Aug 2022 - report
"probably 12 months if they are facing the weather, there is a product called liquid weather that you can spray on them to darken them up"
Answered on 1st May 2023 - Member since Oct 2019 - report
"All depends on how much sun light and how much Greens are round trees etc. if you got a south facing garden more quicker. If there white spots all depends on sun to bring out the salt inside the brick . Your better option would been building the extension with reclaimed bricks to match your exsisting bricks . Ryan & harlem contruction services warm regards."
Answered on 11th Feb 2023 - Member since Dec 2022 - report
"Takes years for bricks to weather different types take different times but definitely few years"
Answered on 11th Feb 2023 - Member since Aug 2022 - report
"It will never look the same colour if you think your house has had years to weather if you look around houses you will always see a different colour brick

There is a company called tint doctor they can change colours of bricks if your that concerned

It is near on impossible to match bricks as they are always getting discontinued and different batch colours vary from the kilns

If your lucky enough with a new house it maybe the same brick you could high pressure clean the house or acid to blend it"
Answered on 4th Mar 2023 - Member since Jan 2019 - report
"Hi, This could be the cement used making it stronger looking and everything new, To weather and blending could take years ."
Answered on 16th Feb 2023 - Member since Jan 2018 - report
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