Do cleaners need insurance?

Should all cleaners/cleaning services be insured? And if not, is it a significant issue if a professional/service is not insured or is nothing to worry about? Thanks.

Asked by Kelly on 19th Oct 2021
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"It isn't a legal necessity to have insurance as a cleaner, however, in the event of an accident that damages the homeowner's property having insurance means the business is able to make a claim for repair or replacement of the damaged items. I had an incident where a broken piece of glass got caught under the hoover head as I was cleaning and it caused a very long scratch to my customers wood flooring having insurance made the whole situation easier as I was able to make a claim to have the damaged planks replaced at no expense to my customer and only a small expense to me. I personally would be concerned if someone wasn't insured as I would worry about how any damage would be paid for. I hope this has been helpful"
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since Sep 2021 - report

We only do insured work and our company is insured. However, there are some people who clean and are not insured. I would be careful as you could come across the wrong people."
Answered on 11th Nov 2021 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
"Yes, it’s important cleaners are insured to cover accidental damage."
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since Sep 2021 - report
"Yes, all cleaners need insurance, anything can happen from either damage to property or personal injury, it could be very costly in court fees, or repairs."
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since Sep 2020 - report
"The cleaners usually work for a company who it’s fully insured so you don’t have to worry about it if you work with professional ones.
Have a nice day."
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since Oct 2021 - report
"ALL sole traders and limited companies should have liability insurance in place before working. For example: If the cleaner broke a window or damaged an antique, or expensive flooring and couldn't afford to repair it themselves then an insurance claim would be made to rectify the damage caused. If no insurance, then you would have to take them to a small claims court to retrieve money for the damaged goods. Hope this helps answer your question 👍"
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since Oct 2019 - report
"All cleaners or businesses should have insurance in place."
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since May 2020 - report
"Cleaning services insurance and janitorial bonds are typically required for client contracts, as well as agreements with landlords and lenders. Being bonded and insured can help attract clients because it shows that your company or you in person is reputable. It gives prospective customers peace of mind that they’re protected if they hire you. If your business frequently performs services in customers' homes or on the premises of other businesses, you should strongly consider getting bonded to protect your customers and your business's financial health."
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since Aug 2021 - report
"All trades that enter a property need to have insurance."
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
"Yes, 100% at the very minimum a cleaner should have public liability insurance (slipping on a freshly mopped floor - tripping over Henry hovers cord) not to mention accidental damage caused to clients property."
Answered on 19th Oct 2021 - Member since Oct 2021 - report
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