cost comparison of extension builders in Swindon and Reading

What do extension builders charge each hour and per day in Swindon? Is it any different from the rates offered in other nearby spots like Reading or Bath? If I found that the rate is significantly higher in Swindon, could I just hire someone from Bath and cover their travel costs? Is this allowed?

Asked by Michael on 21st Aug 2020
Expert Trade Answers
"Regionally the cost of extensions should be the same as they are costed on set rates. It is only the fixed costs and profit percentages that cause the disparity. If your builder is set up properly i.e. has the general overheads you would expect a construction business to have, and if he is pricing the work properly on a proper costing program most price should be similar. Unfortunately some builders can build but dont have a clue about proper costing and some just go by what others have charged in the past. As a customer you need to be sure your builders has priced the work properly and to do that you need to see comprehensive and detailed paperwork, if he doesn't have this then he is guessing. In summary there shouldn't be that much difference area to area with the exception of Central London."
Answered on 21st Aug 2020 - Member since Apr 2019 - report
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