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    Turf gravel garden


    What is typically involved in converting a gravel garden (soil underneath) into a regular grass garden?

    How much would it cost to have done, assuming the garden is thirty-two square metres?

    Is it cheaper than getting artificial grass?

    How long does the process usually take?

    Is the quality of turf used hugely important?

    How do I know if the installer is using good quality turf?

    Asked by Maxim on 5th Jul 2022
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    Best Answer


    "There are various schools of thought .Astra turf (artificial) is by far the quickest way but quality and maintenance have to be taken into consideration, e.g hosing down,any likely vehicle traffic.The cheapest and sometimes best is to cover area with top soil .and sow good quality grass seed . You would to make enquiries as to the source of turf as it could be from old meadow or grown especially for turf.Cheapest probably has lots of rye grass in the mix,hardwearing for playing areas but can look unsightly with spindles of rye showing through.Bowling grass is probably the most expensive but needs lots of nurturing and maintenance."

    Answered on 5th Jul 2022 - Member since Apr 2022 - report

    "Dear sir,
    Like any thing you buy, it depends on the quality
    Of the materials you buy,
    You only get what you pay for, getting good quality turf is important, so that will refex on the price of the job!
    Getting artificial grass there is no maintenance, cheaper in the long run,
    Gravel garden s are good for drainage, also can look very smart,"

    Answered on 5th Jul 2022 - Member since Jul 2022 - report
    R A Cummings Horticulture

    "The process for creating a new lawn from a gravel garden is straightforward but potentially hard work
    Firstly remove as much of the gravel as possible, ensure there is no liner such as weed control fabric, if there is it must be removed.
    Secondly are the levels right does the area in question need additional soil, if so add it now, then dig over or rotavate removing ants pernicious weed root and large stones debris.
    Add a good quality new lawn proprietary fertiliser and rake in.
    Rake the whole area level to contours and lightly firm with a board or by walking over the whole area in flat shoes, rake over lightly and then seed or turf.
    You will always get a better lawn from seed there are a number of lawn seed suppliers on internet. If you decide to turf do not use meadow turf this is literally field grass and is often riddled with weeds. There are a number of good quality turf growers in the Uk Rolawn being the most well known. Your turf should be well rooted together forming a thick mat when it arrives and not fall apart easily. Good quality turf will have no weeds or clover be lush green in colour and be fresh cut certainly within last 24 hours. Do not even think about laying a lawn in extremely hot wet or frosted conditions, early Autumn or spring are the best times"

    Answered on 9th Aug 2022 - Member since Mar 2021 - report

    "Remove gravel then rake the soil that's there if it's healthy just put grass seed down if it's not get new soil an seed it make sure its watered properly"

    Answered on 21st Jul 2022 - Member since Jun 2022 - report

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