Removal of Weeds from lawn

What is a cheap alternative to remove dandelions from your lawn

Asked by Isabel on 29th May 2024
Expert Trade Answers
"you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to kill the dandelions, boiling water can be used depending di g on where the dandelions are."
Answered on 19th Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
"Petrol will get rid of weed no problem depends what weeds also you can dig them out place fresh good soil and they should be gone"
Answered on 7th Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
"No method will prevent the seeds from drifting in from elsewhere.

.1) If nothing else, pick all dandelion flowers and buds. Dispose of them directly into the trash because picked buds will still develop and go to seed.

.2) Use a dandelion picker pull the plant right down to the root.

3). Use a herbicide"
Answered on 3rd Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
"Probably not the advice you’re looking for but there are great reasons to do the opposite and EMBRACE them!

I’m not going to give advice on their consumption but they are a treasure to behold."
Answered on 29th May 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"Lawn weed killer is quite helpful for this situatuon"
Answered on 14th Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
"Removing dandelions from your lawn can be done effectively with some budget-friendly alternatives. Here are a few options:

Hand Pulling:
Tools Needed: A dandelion puller or a simple garden fork.
Method: Hand pulling is an effective way to remove dandelions, especially when the soil is moist. Use the tool to dig around the dandelion root and gently pull it out, ensuring you remove the entire root to prevent regrowth.

Vinegar Solution:
Ingredients: White vinegar, spray bottle.
Method: Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and apply it directly to the dandelion leaves. The acetic acid in the vinegar will kill the leaves, though it might take several applications. Be cautious as vinegar can also harm surrounding grass.

Boiling Water:
Method: Pour boiling water directly onto the dandelion. This method will kill the plant by damaging its leaves and roots. Again, be careful as it can also harm nearby plants.

Homemade Weed Killer:
Ingredients: 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1 cup of salt, 1 tablespoon of dish soap.
Method: Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and apply it to the dandelions. The salt and vinegar will dehydrate the plant, while the dish soap helps the solution stick to the leaves. Apply on a sunny day for the best results. Avoid spraying on your lawn as it can damage the grass.

Corn Gluten Meal:
Method: This natural pre-emergent herbicide prevents dandelion seeds from germinating. Apply it to your lawn in early spring before dandelion seeds start to sprout. It won't kill existing weeds but can help prevent new ones from growing.

Each of these methods offers a cost-effective way to manage dandelions in your lawn. Choose the one that best fits your needs and ensures minimal damage to your surrounding grass."
Answered on 10th Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
"The taproot must be completely removed by pulling them"
Answered on 16th Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
"Dandelions are a stubborn weed as they root so deeply . Cheapest way of removing them is to dig them out by hand.
Or you can pick up a bottle of selective spot treatment from the local garden centre and zap them. Remember selective weedkiller not total! Total takes everything out and will leave you lawn less!
Other options include asking a local Lawncare company to zap them.
Hope this helps!
Thank you!"
Answered on 29th May 2024 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"The best and the cheapest way is to dig they out by hand and get all the roots out of another way is go to a garden centre or look on line for some 1spot treatment round up dose the jet type"
Answered on 29th May 2024 - Member since Mar 2024 - report
"Use a weed grabber to pull out of ground or grass friendly weed killer"
Answered on 18th Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
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