Moving a gas boiler

Is it difficult and expensive to move a gas boiler from a bedroom to the kitchen?

Asked by Simon on 6th Oct 2022
Expert Trade Answers
"Easy to buy a new boiler and fit that saves time and effort👌
Quick and netter job with new 😉"
Answered on 6th Oct 2022 - Member since Jul 2022 - report
"A boiler in a bedroom is rare but as long as it is in sealed room. This means that it takes the air it uses for combustion from outside, and expels its waste air outside also. A room sealed boiler won't emit fumes into the room. Its not difficult to move and requiers a site survey. Cost is dependant on materials and boiler size (BTUs)."
Answered on 9th Oct 2022 - Member since Aug 2022 - report
"It's any where between 1000-1500 round a boiler relocation how old it the boiler I would say if over 5 years pit a new one in if you can."
Answered on 12th Oct 2022 - Member since Sep 2022 - report
"Standard procedure really, all the services a boiler requires will normally be in the vicinity of a kitchen, probably would recommend fitting a new boiler in reality as boilers don’t like being moved really"
Answered on 6th Oct 2022 - Member since Jul 2022 - report
"In our opinion, this will depend on the age of the boiler. If its more than ten years old, you will be better off getting a new boiler fitted in the new location. (Older boiler parts can become very brittle ) If its less than ten years old, moving it will be possible, but it still may not be that easy. The gas engineer will have to run the gas supply to the new location and connect into the heating and water systems. It will need a connection into a drain for its condensate pipe.
All this work can mean its actually more cost effective to put a new boiler in the new location.
We'd be happy to come and estimate this for you if you would like and can help you decide if its a good idea."
Answered on 6th Oct 2022 - Member since Sep 2022 - report
"Hi Steven , no this shouldn’t be an expensive job however there are some risk factors . Without seen the job it’s difficult to say also if you remove the boiler and relocate sometimes you can occur issues with boiler.( they don’t like to be moved once fitted )"
Answered on 7th Oct 2022 - Member since May 2019 - report
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