Is it possible to have an indoor lawn?

Hi. Is it possible to have an indoor lawn created? Long story short, me and my husband decided to have a wall removed years ago so that we could extend our kitchen; fast forward to today and it’s like we don’t really need that much space. So, we’d like to re-build the wall and maybe even have an indoor lawn/indoor garden built with some big glass doors to let plenty of light in. Is this even possible, safe, legal? Thanks for your time. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Asked by Jenny on 6th Jan 2022
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"The answer to your question is yes you could have an indoor lawn, but it's highly impractical in modern houses. Ancient Rome and ancient Greece both used this type of garden although it would normally be in the centre of the house and would only have been partially covered.

These days it would be so much easier to get artificial turf that needs no daylight, no water and no mowing. If you pay for the premium type you could use it for bowls no worries at all. I would say research your supplier/fitter I've seen so many outdoor artificial lawns laid very badly. That said the good ones look fantastic.
Good luck"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Apr 2021 - report
"In astroturf, yes, but ordinary turf no, you would need loads of sunlight, water and air to a degree or the turf would die, having damp soil inside will cause other problems like damp and humidity, to do it and stop damp spreading would cost a fortune"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since May 2020 - report
"Yes it's definitely possible it would require an irrigation system so you would be much better off cost-effective plus maintenance wise to use Astro/artificial turf/lawn please don't hesitate to call or text me for any further information thank you and kind regards always Zeb and the team"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Go to the Apartment Therapy website and read the article - All you need to know about how to grow indoor grass."
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Oct 2021 - report
"I would say yes to artificial grass, not real grass as it could cause damp"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Sep 2021 - report
"Hello, thanks for getting in touch,
I’ll be honest I’ve never done an indoor lawn/ garden but I’m really excited about helping you achieve this!
I personally wouldn’t see any reason not for this to happen. I just presume you are going for something like a greenhouse but with grass?
Like you said big glass doors for light and I think As long as the grass/ plants and whatever else you have in there have enough nutrients and warmth I can’t see it being a problem.
Like I said I’ve never dealt with this so I hope it helps you!"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Get ryegrass for inside produces panicles and grows rapid in spring you get wheatgrass also and fescues but I would go with ryegrassyo"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Oct 2021 - report
"This is a great question. The short answer is no, as turfed requires will require a season of dormancy that it is unlikely to get indoors. It does sound like an exciting project to create an indoor garden. Perhaps consider planting vertically rather than horizontally and create living walls of plants. You could always have a grasslike rug made from recycled ocean plastics to represent a lawn."
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Dec 2021 - report
"Yes, this is possible to build as there's nothing to say you can't.
The only issue I could see with this is the build-up of moisture in the room from the soil. Unless you opted for artificial turf to avoid such a thing."
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Oct 2019 - report
"You could use artificial turf not real as it would cause dampness and also smell really bad in summer.

Thanks, Ricky."
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Sep 2021 - report
"Possibly if you have enough light and water. A natural-looking artificial turf would be a more practical option. No maintenance"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Nov 2019 - report
"artificial grass can now be laid on an exterior underlay, not unlike the carpet underlay used indoors so there’s no reason why it also can’t be used indoors
Artificial turf comes in various tuft lengths some very realistic to actual turf or can be no tuft like a flat carpet
Outside fixing is usually by fixing to a wooden frame or pins into the ground below but again if indoors it can be glued to the underlay
I hope this helps give an answer?"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
"Hi Jenny, so in response to your enquiry yes you can do all of that. Basically, you would need to use artificial grass which comes in all styles a bit like carpets really and then you could make a lovely room either using real plants in pots or artificial plants. I really love the sound of your project and would clearly love to get involved. I do hope this has helped you? Regards Roger Carr"
Answered on 6th Jan 2022 - Member since Jan 2021 - report
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