How is in-screed underfloor heating laid?

Does in-screed underfloor heating actually get laid in wet screed?

Asked by Jackie on 13th Jun 2023
Expert Trade Answers
"Underfloor heatimg needs about 100mm of insulation under it. You can buy a groved insulation board. You lay the ufh pipes in that then screed over the top."
Answered on 14th Jun 2023 - Member since Oct 2022 - report
"Screed can be wet or quite dry all depending on the type laid mainly the wet bonded type screed is laid for most systems"
Answered on 26th Jul 2023 - Member since Jul 2023 - report
"Depends on the heating system that is being installed. In most cases yes but again depends on the pipe being laid and manufacturers directions...."
Answered on 24th Jun 2023 - Member since Dec 2020 - report
"Yes Screed can be wet main thing to remember is that you have the required insulation under the pipes and make sure they are completely level before pouring or laying screed."
Answered on 3rd Aug 2023 - Member since Jul 2023 - report
"No you put down the underfloor heating pipes then screwed over them"
Answered on 18th Jul 2023 - Member since Jul 2023 - report
"wet underfloor heating( fed by your boiler) is laid into a grid system which is over insulation, which is laid onto the concrete slab.
There are also systems where the pipework is clipped down to the insulation directly.
Then once this is installed, tested and left pressurised, the screed is then laid on top of it. the usual depth of screed is roughly 75mm, your pipework should be laid so that it remains at least 60mm below the finish level of the screed, providing a degree of protection."
Answered on 20th Jun 2023 - Member since Apr 2023 - report
"There is insulation laid down and then the pipes are laid to manufacturers diagram and then expansion strip around perimeter of area and then wet screed to be poured and left to naturally dry.the pipework should be filled with water and pressurised prior to the screed going down amd once ready to commision the temperatur gradually increased up to designed temp and from then on it should be fine."
Answered on 20th Oct 2023 - Member since Nov 2016 - report
"The pipework is usually laid in pre moulded mats and then screeded over so to answer your question yes it can be."
Answered on 13th Jun 2023 - Member since Mar 2023 - report
"The pipe is laid onto insulation and then a liquid screed is poured to cover the ufh pipe"
Answered on 13th Jun 2023 - Member since Apr 2023 - report
"It gets laid before the screed is put down. Either stapled to the insulation or in grooved trays. The pattern is determined by the manufacturer"
Answered on 13th Jun 2023 - Member since Jun 2023 - report
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