Imprinted concrete

Can you explain to me what imprinted concrete is? What are the benefits?

Asked by Bill on 6th Aug 2021
Expert Trade Answers
"I do concrete stamping. I think its great but must be done properly, its concrete with a colour of your choice and a pattern in the concrete should be 4inch think with a very good base"
Answered on 13th Aug 2021 - Member since Aug 2021 - report
"You pour concrete and then push in a flexible template that leaves a cobbled effect pattern to the finished and hardened concrete,
benefits: cheaper,
disadvantages: in shaded areas and after time can gather moss or become slippery"
Answered on 6th Aug 2021 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
"Imprinted concrete is a high-grade concrete available in many colours with an added dye the there are set mats that forms the imprint as required and if fitted on a good quality sub-base more durable than standard block paving and flags as there should be no movement if fitted correctly"
Answered on 3rd Nov 2021 - Member since Sep 2021 - report
"Imprinted concrete is a concrete drive with patterns added which is done using stencils"
Answered on 29th Jan 2022 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"google it and youtube it, then you can see all the patterns and colours and how its installed. I am not a great lover of it as it cracks and fades"
Answered on 6th Aug 2021 - Member since Oct 2020 - report
"Imprinted concrete is basically a concrete driveway but the final finish they applied stencil-like patterns on before it sets and that leave a patterned finish benefits are an easy maintenance driveway"
Answered on 30th Jan 2022 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Imprinted concrete is normal concrete layed then a rubber mould pressed into the concrete to leave different patterns you can also have different colours can be a little cheaper than block paving"
Answered on 10th Nov 2021 - Member since Nov 2021 - report
"No there isn't it cracks and has to be recovered after a few years"
Answered on 25th Jan 2022 - Member since Mar 2017 - report
"Its concrete that’s has the top printed in a design to replicate paving designs I would only say the benefits are is it’s maintenance free but at a cost"
Answered on 14th Jan 2022 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
"It lasts only ten years but comes in various colours and patterns to stand out. It's a single layer of concrete poured on a subbase"
Answered on 16th Nov 2021 - Member since Nov 2021 - report
"Imprint concrete is when its poured down and let set for awhile and use your rubber mould for whatever pattern you would like and then apply a dye on it"
Answered on 6th Aug 2021 - Member since May 2021 - report
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