How can I find out who owns the fence in our garden?

Hello, I want to know who is responsible for the fences around my garden? I am looking to get the fence replaced to the left of the property as you look from the patio doors. Is there any hard fast rules around who is responsible for the fences around your boundary?

Asked by Karen on 1st Apr 2020
Expert Trade Answers
"Hi Karen, you will be responsible for the fencing on the right hand side of your garden!
I would suggest the left hand side will be your neighbour's responsibility
Kind regards, Mike"
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Feb 2018 - report
"Good afternoon

If your property is council, usually you are responsible for the border on the left of both the front and back. However, for 100% clarity on this I would speak to your local council offices who should be able to confirm.
If your property is privately owned then your deeds will tell you which border line you are responsible for around your property.
If you do not have the deeds the chances are they are with the solicitors you used when you bought the house

Hope this helps"
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
"there's no set rule about whether you own the fence on the right or on the left-hand side of your house. You may be able to get this information from the conveyance deed, where there could be an already established boundary agreement regarding which fence side."
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Jun 2018 - report
"Always the homeowner that foots the bill of the fence/wall being put up or replaced.... In some cases if you get on with your neighbour then you could potentially go halves on the fence or reach an agreement for the cost of erecting a fence, this is because the new fence will benefit both neighbours aesthetically... Reaching an agreement with costs would be for the purpose of which side the outer panels will be facing, for example if YOU have the panel side facing towards you then you would pay a bit more than your neighbour due to having 'the fancy' side of panels facing in your garden.... Best advice is to approach your neighbour and tell them your thoughts and to give them a heads up that your planning on having workmen In back garden as the workmen will need to go on their side to complete the work, give them a few days then to make an offer but dont mention that you require money as they may be offended! Lol.... Good luck"
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Oct 2019 - report

A going rule usually is whoever's side the fenceposts are in is the person who is responsible to replace the fence but sometimes depending on your relationship with your neighbour you could come to terms to split the bill. Hope that helps

Williams & Webster building services"
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
"Usually looking out if the house, everything ( fence, wall ) is usually your responsibility. Check deeds, it should state a “T” for your parts.


Pro-act landscapes ltd"
Answered on 9th Apr 2020 - Member since Nov 2018 - report
"Hi there,

Usually one property will own one side on the garden fencing, but as long as everything is agreed between neighbours there’s not much problem with it. The neighbour usually agrees as they will be having a new fence or wall anyway usually. Hope this helps"
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
"Check your deeds they normally indicate boundary marks
If the posts and rails are on your side then it is your fence as the best side faces neighbours."
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
"It should tell you in the deeds to the house who owns what"
Answered on 11th Apr 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
"Check your deeds, if not shown on there ask your local council."
Answered on 3rd May 2020 - Member since Jan 2020 - report
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