Government grants for boilers?

I've seen a few ads and websites offering government boiler grants. Are these genuine? Do companies offer government grants for boilers?

Asked by Cheryl on 15th May 2023
Expert Trade Answers
"There are a couple companys out there offering this so its worth trying it first you see if your eligible if you meet certain criteria"
Answered on 15th May 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"Yes it is real plz be careful there are some real cowboys offering these grants look at reviews or go with a big company not a leaflet through the door"
Answered on 26th Jul 2023 - Member since Jul 2023 - report
"yes you need to be on benefits tho and only a few benefits count"
Answered on 19th Jul 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"Yes, in the UK, there have been government schemes and grants aimed at improving energy efficiency in homes, including initiatives that offer support for boiler replacements or upgrades. The most well-known of these schemes is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

The ECO scheme, administered by energy companies, obligated them to assist households in improving energy efficiency, particularly for low-income households or those in certain qualifying criteria. These schemes often cover things like boiler replacements, insulation, or heating system upgrades.

However, it's important to be cautious about advertisements or websites claiming to offer government boiler grants. Some companies might advertise using misleading language or marketing tactics to make it seem like they are offering government-funded grants when, in reality, they might be providing financing options, discounts, or incentives on boiler installations.

To ensure legitimacy:

Verify the Source: Official government grants for boilers are usually part of established schemes with specific eligibility criteria and application processes. Check directly on government websites or official energy advice services for information about legitimate schemes.

Eligibility: Government schemes often target specific households based on income, property type, existing heating systems, or geographic location. Verify if you meet the criteria before proceeding.

Authorized Providers: Genuine schemes often require the use of certified installers or contractors approved by the program. Verify that the company offering the grant is an authorized participant in the official program.

Research and Verification: Before committing to any offer claiming to provide government grants for boilers, research the program, check its authenticity, read reviews, and verify the legitimacy of the company or organization offering the grant.

Always be cautious and seek information from official sources or accredited energy advisors to ensure you are accessing genuine government-backed schemes or grants for boiler replacements or energy efficiency improvements in your home."
Answered on 13th Dec 2023 - Member since Sep 2023 - report
"Hi Cheryl,
Unless your system is very old then they wouldn't offer this. Send me some pictures on watsapp and I can tell you if it is worth looking into."
Answered on 16th May 2023 - Member since Mar 2023 - report
"Hi. You must have a non condensing boiler. Also someone in the household must be on some sort of benefits. With some companies you have to pay a contribution toward the boiler."
Answered on 16th May 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"There are boiler grants available for vulnerable clients, mainly on benefits or registered disabled. Homeowners and tenants qualify. It is best to check with your local authority in the first instance"
Answered on 16th May 2023 - Member since Mar 2023 - report
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