Can you put music speakers in the kitchen?

I know kitchens get steamy and hot so is it ok to wire in surround sound speakers in there for music?

Asked by MRS DAKIRI on 11th Apr 2020
Expert Trade Answers
"Hi, you need to get speakers that have an ip ratting and put them away from the steam"
Answered on 16th Jun 2020 - Member since May 2020 - report
"Hi yes it is ok to have speakers in your kitchen provided they are the correct spec and correct cable used
Regards Andrews Audio and visual"
Answered on 11th Apr 2020 - Member since Apr 2018 - report
Yes that is fine. You can get speakers that are designed to go in damp and humid places."
Answered on 11th Apr 2020 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
"Yes no problem. There are some waterproof speakers available."
Answered on 29th Aug 2020 - Member since Sep 2019 - report
"Yes it's fine, speakers are generally IP22 rated so as long as they aren't next to the hob they will be fine and won't have a problem.

David Aston"
Answered on 12th Apr 2020 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
"Will be fine, most speakers are low voltage and as for steam you could always fit a bathroom rated one"
Answered on 22nd Jun 2020 - Member since Aug 2016 - report
"Good evening. Yes you can wire surround sound speakers in the kitchen. We tend to install ceiling speakers, or we use sonos free standing speakers"
Answered on 12th Jul 2020 - Member since Dec 2014 - report
"Yes, Sonos are the most easiest and simple setup. They have an IP rated speaker which can be moved to the outside.

Hope this helps

Answered on 11th Apr 2020 - Member since Nov 2019 - report
"Good morning - yes you can is quick answer - if it is a free standing unit like a smart speaker just have on a work top
If it is a speaker you wish to hard wire into wall or celling jist keep at least 18” / 50cm away from
Any cookers so heat and steam not toooooo close - :-) good luck and remember all good parties end up
In the kitchen (when not on lockdown) speedy aerials"
Answered on 11th Apr 2020 - Member since Oct 2017 - report
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