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  • Cost Of Removing Artex

    Do you have artex which you are looking to remove? Read our guide to help you find the right removal option for you..

    Average cost to remove artex can run from £500 to over £20,000

    Duration for removal can run from 2-days up to 2 weeks in most instances.


    Artex is a decorative coating used on walls and ceilings. It is no longer in production or use today as it is well-known as a contaminant which possibly contains asbestos. Some older homes have to get the artex removed because its cracking but in other cases, it is simply the appearance so many homeowners opt to remove it from their home to improve aesthetic appeal.

    Artex allows professionals to add textured appearances to the ceilings of a home. However, the potential for it containing asbestos and other dangerous contaminants has made it an issue in many homes. For such reasons homes which are dated anywhere from 1970 or later will typically have to get some artex removed when refurbing the home.

    In some instances you can simply apply a coat or sealant above it if it is found that asbestos is not present. In these instances a coating will usually run anywhere from £150-£250 for smaller roof/ceilings in a home. Whether it is ultimately removal or simply covering up the artex in the home, it is important to hire the right professionals for the job.

    Before attempting a DIY sealing job consider a few of the aspects below in order to help you find the best licensed professionals and those who truly understand the dangers of artex and asbestos to perform the removal.

    Cost To Remove Artex

    Job DescriptionDurationMaterial CostLabour Cost
    Asbestos Sample Survey1 DayN/A£200-250
    Artex Removal1-5 Days£250-500£200-300 per day per labourer
    Artex Sealing/Coating4-8 hours£150-250£150-250 per day per labourer

    Things to consider prior to removal.

    Artex can be extremely dangerous. If inhaled it can cause lung damage and other potential for infectious diseases. You don’t want to expose yourself, family or visitors to this material in the home. Therefore you should consider removal if this is a substance which is present in the home.

    When hiring a contractor make sure you understand what they are doing. In some instances if the material is not toxic/dangerous they might suggest simply coating it. This is not only going to take less time but will cost you far less money as well. So, if this is an option consider it and compare contractors prior to hiring one.

    In the event removal has to be performed you should consider, duration of the job, which rooms it is in, if you should do the entire home and additional labour and costs. Due to the nature of this work you might have to leave the home for several days at a time. Also account for this and budget accordingly as you are deciding who to hire for these service needs.

    If the home is contaminated it might require additional excavation. Making sure you understand what the scope of work entails, what has to be done, how removal is performed and other variables is the only way to ensure you hire the best people.

    Ready to get a price for your job?

    Doing it Yourself

    Artex is dangerous, in fact asbestos is often found in this material substance. For such reasons this is not the type of job you want to do as a DIY project.

    On the other hand, if you have received a quote know it is not toxic and simply wish to coat the ceiling this is a smaller job to take on. It is still detailed, will take several days and does require use of certain equipment in order for you to complete the job. So, in these instances make sure you consider costs, duration, scope and how much work you are actually going to have to do yourself, in order to know you can complete the job and can do so in a timely fashion.

    Apart from this it is best to hire a licensed professional. A company which is familiar with artex, asbestos, contamination and the dangers which surround it. Not only so they complete the work quickly but do so safely and do so for the most affordable pricing for homeowners.

    Hiring artex removal specialists.

    • Hire those who are fully licensed, certified and insured.
    • Hire companies which specialise with removal and work with asbestos/toxic materials routinely
    • Hire companies which guarantee the work, duration and scope of services rendered.


    How much time does removal take?
    This depends on the size of the ceiling, the company hired and expertise of those hired. If they specialise in this field a contractor can typically do removal jobs in 1-2 days. Other companies might take 1-4 days if they aren't specialists. It is important to compare several contractors so you hire the most qualified for this type of service.
    How much will this work cost?
    Again, this depends on the scope. In a 1-2 bedroom home it might cost anywhere between £300-£1000 which includes cost of labour and sealing. But, in larger homes or those which the asbestos contamination has occurred, additional costs might also arise. Your best option is to compare quotes and speak to several specialists so you hire the most qualified and also find the best price for removal or sealing services.
    Should I remove or seal?
    If the contamination is not present, if there isn't asbestos, and if sealing is safe, it is far cheaper and will take less time. Ultimately, if this is your situation, the choice is up to you, and the finish/detail work you expect to see, which will help you determine whether to remove or simply seal the ceiling.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 7th May 2019.

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