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  • The average cost to fit an electric gate is around £3,000
  • The job will take approximately 1 - 2 days
In this article, you'll discover the following:
  • A complete pricing breakdown which includes types of electric gates available and what such a task usually involves
  • How long the job should approximately take and a general overview of what kind of jobs can be performed
  • How to find and hire an electric gate installer

Want to discover how much electric gates cost to install?

In this complete guide, we cover all electric gate types, such as wooden electric gate and sliding electric gates, and their average prices, including material and labour fees.

An average electric gate installation fee will cost you around £3,000.

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For a more detailed breakdown on what costs to expect, read below!

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Average Cost of Installing Electric Garden Gates:

Depending on the complexity of the job, it usually takes: 1- 2 days


How Much Do Electric Gates Cost?

Electric garden gate prices are very strongly dependant on your situation. The type and size of the gate that you choose, as well as the mechanism, and layout of your driveway all have a large effect on the final price.

A simple 3ft high 10 ft wide metal gate can cost as little as £830 to buy and install. The same size gate with an underground motor can cost as much as £3,025. For a 6ft metal gate covering a 10ft wide driveway, the prices can vary from £1,300 - £5,300. This variation comes from the quality of the gate chosen as well as the mechanism you select.

When you are considering an electric gate, you need to take some time to review the space you have. You need to consider where the gate will go when it opens and how this might limit your options.

It can be a good idea to get your site reviewed by an installer before you make any decisions. They will be able to help you narrow your options and highlight any problems before you spend any money.

If there's some kind of fault with the electrics, power cut, etc. how can I get in and out of my driveway gates if they are automated/electric? Is it harmful to the gates if I were to try to open them without the use of power? Is this dangerous?

"Hi, it all depends on the mechanism. Most of the motor's drive has override mechanism. Switch off the power, release any kind of brake and try to rotate the driving motor. Be careful if you forcefully drive a motor it can damage gears or brake mechanism."

Electric Gates Prices

There is a lot to consider when calculating the price of an electric garden gate. Here are some table to give prices for some of the most common options.

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Single Metal Electric Gates Cost

Size Articulated Arm Ram Threaded Underground
3ft high x 10ft wide £910 - £1,290 £1,327 - £1,800 £830 - £1,500 £1,590 - £3,025
6ft high x 10ft wide £1,380 - £2,640 £1,800 - £3,150 £1,300 - £2,850 £2,375 - £5275
3ft high x 7ft wide £840 - £1,140 £1,260 £1,650 £765 - £1,350 £1,475 - £2,775
6ft high x 7ft wide £1,230 - £2,340 £1,650 - £2,850 £1,155 - £2,550 £2,225 - £4,775
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Double Metal Electric Gates Cost

Size Articulated Arm Ram Threaded Underground
3ft high x 10ft wide £1,072 - £1,650 £1,625 - £2,700 £860 - £,1950 £1,162 - £2,700
6ft high x 10ft wide £1,545 - £3,000 £2,100 - £4,050 £1,335 - £,3255 £1,635 - £4,050
3ft high x 7ft wide £1,005 – £1,500 £1,560 - £2,550 £795 - £1,755 £1,095 - £2,550
6ft high x 7ft wide £1,395 – £2,700 £1,950 - £3,750 £1,185 - £2,955 £1,485 - £3,750
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Single Wooden Electric Gates Cost

Size Articulated Arm Ram Threaded Underground
3ft high x 10ft wide £720 – £1,020 £1,140 – £1,530 £645 – £1,230 £1,275 – £2,585
6ft high x 10ft wide £1080 – £2,640 £1,500 – £3,150 £1,005 - £2,850 £1,875 – £5,275
3ft high x 7ft wide £675 – £990 £1,095 – £1,500 £600 – £1,200 £1,200 – £2,525
6ft high x 7ft wide £915 - £2,040 £1,335 - £2,550 £840 - £2,250 £1,600 - £4,275
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Double Wooden Electric Gates Cost

Size Articulated Arm Ram Threaded Underground
3ft high x 10ft wide £885 – £1,380 £1,440 – £2,430 £675 – £1,635 £975 – £2,430
6ft high x 10ft wide £1,245 – £3,000 £1,800 – £4,050 £1,035 -£3,255 £1,335 – £4,050
3ft high x 7ft wide £750 – £1,350 £1,395 – £2,400 £630 – £1,605 £390 - £2,400
6ft high x 7ft wide £1,080 - £2,400 £1,635 - £3,450 £870 - £2,655 £1170 - £3,450
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Sliding Electric Gates Cost

Size Cost
3ft high x 10ft wide 33,225 - £3,675
6ft high x 10ft wide £3,375 - £3,825
3ft high x 7ft wide £3,000 - £3,450
6ft high x 7ft wide £3,150 - £3,600
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Supply Costs Only

There are a lot of factors that affect electric gate prices. When you consider your cost, you need to include the cost of the gate, the mechanism and the installation. The following gives you some of the expected costs for the materials you will need.

Metal Electric Gates

The following gives you the price ranges of different metal gates based on size. The range goes from simple gates to more ornate ones.

Height 10 ft wide 7ft wide 3ft wide
3 ft £185 - £300 £140 - £200 £60 - £110
4 ft £275 - £950 £200 - £800 £110 - £300
6 ft £500 - £1,200 £400 - £1,000 £90 - £450

Wooden Electric Gates

The following gives you the price ranges of different wooden gates based on size. The range goes from simple slatted gates to solid gates.

Height 10 ft wide 7ft wide 3ft wide
3 ft £60 - £120 £30 - £100 £15 - £50
4 ft £80 - £250 £60 - £200 £30 - £80
6 ft £300 - £1,200 £190 - £800 £60 - £110

Sliding Electric Gates

Height 10 ft wide 7ft wide
3 ft £1,200 - £1,300 £1,050 - £1,180
4 ft £ 1,200 - £1,350 £1,080 - £1,200
6 ft £1,300 - £1,400 £1,150 - £1,250

Electric Gate Mechanism Cost

The range of prices on gate mechanisms represents their power and how secure their controls are. The For swing gates you can get double gate kits at a reasonable value. For sliding gates, you have two buy two separate mechanisms.

Mechanism Single Double
Articulated Arm £420 - £560 £530 - £800
Ram £700 - £900 £900 - £1,500
Threaded £370 - £700 £390 - £970
Underground £450 - £910 £590 - £1,500
Sliding £950 - £1,500 n/a
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Labour Costs and Timescales

The cost will depend on the type of gate you are getting installed as well as the opening mechanism. As these vary greatly, it can be hard to give an estimated cost.

A rule of thumb is that the labour will cost around 1/3 of the total cost. This will be higher for underground mechanisms, however. Here are some example prices to help give you an idea of cost.

Type of Installation Timescale Labour Costs
Single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high metal gate, using a threaded mechanism 1 day £300 - £500
Single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high metal gate, using an underground mechanism 1 – 2 days £425 - £800
Single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high wooden gate, using a ram mechanism 1 day £380 - £510
Double, 10ft wide, 6 ft high metal gate, using a threaded mechanism 1 – 2 days £450 - £1090
single, 10ft wide, 3 ft high sliding gate 1 day £1,075 - £1,500

Additional Costs

While you are getting an electric gate installed, it can be a good idea to get a few other jobs done at the same time. Some common jobs done at the same as installing a garden gate are given with their prices below.

Electrical Access Costs

In order to install an electric gate, there needs to be easy access to electricity to the mechanism. This may mean you need to hire an electrician to add an outdoor supply.

Depending on the complexity of the job you should expect to pay between £100 - £245 for this. If you don't want to or are not able to supply electricity this way, then you should investigate photocell options to power your gate.

Garden Fence Costs

If you are installing an electric gate, then it can be important to make sure that your fences are in good order. This is especially true if you are getting new fences as part of an attempt to upgrade the security of your home. If you need to install new fences, this costs on average £1000.

Painting House Exterior Costs

Adding an electric gate to your property can update the appearance of the front of your property. This means that it can be a good time to consider other aspects of your home's appearance and kerb appeal. Painting the exterior of your home can be a good way to do this. The costs for this are on average £850.

Security/Outdoor Lighting Costs

When you are installing a garden gate as a means of increasing the security of your home, then you might want to consider also installing security lights Security and outdoor lighting can be easy and relatively cheaply installed. The average price is £150.

Garden Maintenance Costs

While you are getting your garden gates updated it might be a good time to look into getting your garden updated as well. Getting a gardener to coms and tidy up your garden costs around £200.

New Driveway Costs

Getting a new electric garden gate can require holes being dug in your existing driveway. It could, therefore, be a good idea to get your driveway re-laid. There are a lot of options to choose from. A blocked paved drive costs on average £5,750.

An imprinted concrete driveway costs on average £3,800. A standard concrete driveway costs on average £3,500. A gravel driveway costs around £2,500. A resin driveway is a cheaper option at £2,300. The cheapest option is to have a tarmac driveway which costs on average £2,200.

Dropped Kerb Costs

Dropping a kerb is another job you might want to consider doing when you install a new electric gate. This allows you to easily get your vehicle in and out of your drive. The price for this is around £600.

Power Washing Your Driveway Costs

Power washing your driveway is a good way to rejuvenate your drive. It can totally transform the front of your house. After you've had work done at the front, it can be a good idea to get your driveway cleaned. The average cost for this is £300.

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Cost Factors of Installing Electric Garden Gates

The cost of installing electric garden gates depends on a lot of factors. The overall price can vary a lot based on these factors. When you are considering your options, you will need to know the limits of your space well, as this will have a big impact on the final electric gate cost.

Size of Gate

The width of the gates will be determined by your driveway or path. Obviously, the larger the gap, the higher the cost will be. Most gates come in standard sizes of 3ft, 7ft, and 10ft. If you need a gate that is not in these standard sizes, then it may end up costing you more.

The height of the gate is also an important factor to consider. Again, the higher the gate, the more expensive it will be. You should remember that this affects not only the cost of the gates, but it can affect the size of the motor you need to buy. If your gates are large and heavy, you will need a more powerful motor to open them.

Type of Gate

The difference between a single and a double gate is quite large. This is because you will need to buy two motors if you get a double gate. The type of opening mechanism can affect the cost as well. The cheapest option is to get a swing gate that uses a threaded motor. More expensive options include underground motors and sliding gates.


Ease of Access

The gate installers will need to bring cement as well as the gates to the location. If it is difficult to get these items on-site, then the job will take longer, and therefore cost more.

State of Area

If your driveway is on a slope, then it can limit your choices, as well as making the installation more difficult. It is very important that key features are level so, if the site is on a slope, this can complicate the installation.

The other major consideration is access to an electrical supply. Most installers will require you to ensure that there is easy access for the gate mechanism. If there isn't you may need to hire an electrician before you begin your installation.

Location of Property

As always if you live in the London area, prices will be higher.

If your property is very remote, you may also have to pay more to get everything delivered.

What's Involved in Installing Electric Garden Gates?

When it comes to installing electric garden gates, there are two main steps involved. The first is to install the gate. The second is to install the mechanism. The exception to this is with sliding gates. In this case, the installation process is a little different.

Installing the Gate

Before you can install the gate, you need to make sure that the posts are appropriate. If you already have posts, then they should be checked. Otherwise, new posts will need to be set in concrete in the appropriate positions.

Once the posts are in place, the next step is to install the hinges to the posts. You should start with one of the bottom hinges. Make sure to hang it so that there is sufficient clearance for the gate to open. It should also be level. Once the first hinge is in place, you should find a long level, for example, a piece of timber.

This is used to make sure that the hinge on the opposite post is hung in the correct position. Once the bottom hinges are in place, you can fit the top hinges using the same method, taking time to measure the check the height of these hinges is correct.

Once the hinges are fitted, you can hang the gate. You can usually adjust the hinges to make sure that the gates fit properly and swing easily.

Installing the Mechanism

To fit the mechanism is generally quite straight forward. The first step is to mount the motor housing. The location of this will depend on the type of mechanism you have chosen. For an underground system, you will first need to dig the space for the box.

The mechanism is then attached to the post using bolts and a mounting frame. Then the gate is opened, and the opening device is attached to the mount on the post. This step is undertaken with great care. The arm must be hung absolutely level. Otherwise, the gate will not work or will breakdown quickly.


If the gate is a double one, then a trench will be dug to the other side of the gate. This trench is so that you can lay a length of tubing. Once the tube is buried the wiring between the two sides of the gate will then be run through it.

Once the mechanisms are fitted, the control box will be wired up.

Installing A Sliding Gate

Most sliding gates come in two separate pieces. These will be bolted together to form the single large gate.

Most sliding gates will have safety features designed to stop or reverse the gate if an obstruction is detected. These will be fitted first to the posts at either side of the opening.

The main receiving posts are set next. These are the posts that sit at either end of the gate's range of motion. They will need to be set in concrete at the correct position.


The support post is set next. This post is half the height of the receiving posts and is located on the side of the wall to which the gate slides. Safety mechanisms will also be placed here.

The track will need to be laid next. This is best set in concrete. The track needs to be as level as possible, so extra care should be taken during this step.

The wheels are then fitted to the gate. If the gate is wooden, there will often be metal support fitted to one end of the gate at this point as well. Once the wheels are on the gate is placed in position on the track and attached to the support post.

The final step is to fit the motor and attach it to the gate.

Can I Install an Electric Garden Gate Myself?

There are no requirements in terms of building regulations for electric gates installation to be carried out by any particular person.

So, this does mean that if you wish to you can DIY your installation. However, there are a lot of steps that need to be completed with the utmost precision so it might be worth having a professional undertake the installation of the mechanism if you are at all unsure.


If you are trying to reduce the cost electric gate installation, you could fit the gates yourself. This should be achievable for most component DIYers. Just make sure to have a partner for when you hang the gates as this can be hard to do alone, especially if the gates are large.

What are the Different Types of Electric Garden Gate?

There are several different choices to be made when you are choosing your garden gate. Some of these choices will be purely aesthetic, while others may depend on your budget and the space you have.


The choice of material is mostly an aesthetic choice. However, wooden gates tend to require more maintenance which can be a factor to consider.

Wood Garden Gate Costs

Wooden gates offer a traditional appearance for the front of your house. They can provide privacy without being unapproachable. There is a choice of woods that can be used. Typically, hardwood options are more expensive. The average cost is between £60 - £500.


  • ✔ Typically, cheaper than metal
  • ✔ More attractive appearance


  • ✖ Require maintenance to prevent warping

Metal Garden Gate Costs

These can be made from iron, steel or aluminium. You can pay more for more attractive and decorative designs. The cheaper options tend to focus more on security and can be unattractive. The average cost is between £150 - £800.



  • ✔ More durable, especially against wind
  • ✔ Low maintenance


  • ✖ Often more expensive
  • ✖ Can be unattractive depending on budget


The way that the gate opens and closes can vary greatly. The choice you make here will most likely be heavily influenced by the space that you have.

Swing Garden Gate Cost

Most swing gates are split in two. They work well on flat driveways. The average cost is £500.



  • ✔ Cheap option


  • ✖ Doesn't work if the drive is on a slope

Bifold Garden Gate Cost

These are like swing gates that have been cut in half vertically. This means that they fold in the middle as they swing open and require less space around the gate. The average cost is £650.


  • ✔ Require less space around them


  • ✖ Requires a track in the ground that must be regularly cleaned
  • ✖ Limited size options

Sliding Garden Gate Cost

Sliding gates need to have space to the side for the gate to move into. You can have two separate gates that go in opposite directions or one single gate.

Two gates will be significantly more expensive as you will need to buy two mechanisms. The average cost for these gates is £1,100 - £1,350 for the gate with another £800 - £1,500 for the motor.


  • ✔ They don't open into the driveway so don't take up usable space
  • ✔ Can get versions that open around a corner


  • ✖ More expensive to automate
  • ✖ Need space for the gates to move into

Gate Mechanism Cost

The final choice to make is about how you automate the gate. There are several different options depending on the type of gate you choose. If you have chosen a sliding gate, then it will have its own mechanism included in the price.

Ram and Swing Arm

Ram or swing arm openers are attached to the pillar of the gate. The hydraulic system extends or contracts a piston that opens and closes the gate. The average cost is £700 - £1,500.


  • ✔ Range of motors to fit most types of gate


  • ✖ Require careful installation

Threaded Shaft Gate Motor Cost

These are similar in appearance to a ram. However, they operate slightly differently. As the motor runs to open the gate, the mounting moves along the length of the arm to open the gate. The average cost is £370 - £ 970.


  • ✔ Cheaper option


  • ✖ Require careful installation

Articulated Arm Cost

This mechanism uses a jointed two-piece arm. The arm is mounted to the underside of the gate motor, which is attached on the wall next to the gate. The average cost is £420 - £800.


  • ✔ Easy to install


  • ✖ Require more space for the motor

Underground System Cost

These motors are hidden away. They sit inside durable casings which are buried at the base of the pillars of the gate. They then join to the underside of the gate. The average cost is £450 - £1,500.


  • ✔ Discreet


  • ✖ Most expensive option
  • ✖ Not possible if there is no space to dig

Cost of Removing an Electrical Garden Gate

If you have an electric gate that no longer works or you don't wish to run, you can get it removed. There are a couple of options. If you wish to keep the gate, you can just remove the mechanism and control box. This is usually quite easy to do.

The mechanism will be bolted in place, and the control box is usually screwed into the walls. This is something you can DIY; however, take care when you are disconnecting the electrical supply. It can be worth getting an electrician to come and secure the wires if you don't intend to use them in the future. This is a quick job and should cost no more than £100.

To remove the gates, you can take them off the hinges, and then dispose of them. If you want to replace your gates, you can in most cases, use the existing gate posts. It can save you some money if you do.

Removing the gate posts can be more difficult. The post will have been set in cement and can be quite hard to remove. If you need them gone, it can be worth hiring a builder, or landscape gardener to help you take the old ones out. The cost for this will depend on the state of the posts, as well as your location. You can expect to pay £100 - £300 for this job.

Hiring an Electric Garden Gate Installer Checklist

If your electric gates are installed badly then at best your gate won't work well. Poor installation can lead to your gate mechanism breaking or someone getting injured. So, picking the right installer is important.

  • Experience is important. There are a lot of variations in electric gates, so an installer with wide experience will be better able to deal with your unique situation.
  • Wide skill set. Look for an installer who has worked with a range of materials and mechanisms. Installing an electric garden gate requires more varied skills than a lot of trades so look for an installer who has a varied background, especially if they are newer to installing electric gates, as many are at the moment.
  • Recommendations and reviews. Look for installers who are happy to give you previous clients details or have positive reviews online. If someone does poor work, you can probably find out about it with a quick search.


How do electric gates work?
Electric gates work in one of two ways. Swing gates use an electric motor to push the gate open. One end of the motor is attached to the post the other to the gate. They push against the post to move the gate. Sliding gates use a motor to pull the gate along a track, often using a rubber belt to do so.
How much electricity do electric gates use?
This will depend on the size of the motor that you need. Typically, most electric gates will use around 1p of electricity every time that they open and close.
How much does an electric sliding gate cost?
Sliding gates are typically a little more expensive than swing gates. The average cost is £2,000 - £3,000. You will then need to pay for installation if you are not doing it yourself.
Can you get electric gate kits for DIY?
You can get electric gate kits for DIY. These are often simplified kits designed to be easier to install.
Can you get electric gates in the UK?
Electric gates are becoming more common in the UK. They are becoming cheaper, which has made them more popular. They are no longer just found in large homes and estates.



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