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  • Block Paving Cost

    Price guide to block paving installation.

    Average block paving cost for a typical driveway is

    The time taken to install block paving on average is around 4 days


    Block paving has been popular in the UK since the 1980s when clay or concrete blocks were available in a handful of colours. Since then, the market has become much more sophisticated and the manufacturing technology is much improved along with the choice of bricks and blocks. However, this home improvement remains a quite expensive job and is probably not a great DIY project. it is essential that you choose a skilled and reputable builder or construction company to do this job.

    You can use the free service on this website to find local and reputable tradesmen to provide you with quotes and further information about installing block paving. All you have to do is provide some brief details on the type of job you need doing, plus of course contact information.

    Typical prices for block paving in the UK

    Job Description Duration Material Cost Labour Cost
    Small driveway 3-4 days £3000 £2000
    Average driveway 4 days £3500 £2250
    Large driveway 5 days £4000 £2800

    Things to consider when thinking about buying block paving

    One of the first choices to be made with paving it to choose between clay bricks or concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are relatively cheap and there are plenty of styles to choose from including textured blocks. The disadvantages of concrete blocks are that they tend to fade in colour over time and they can also wear which will eventually expose the aggregate. Clay paving bricks are slightly more expensive than concrete but are extremely hard wearing and their natural colour will not fade over time. However, they are prone to moss growth and the tolerance in terms of sizes can be quite variable so they can be more difficult to lay. In terms of colour, there is no definitive answer to choosing the best colour, it’s a decision which has to be made considering the surroundings, the lighting, and of course personal taste. Most block paving consists of a single uniform colour, often red, but there are multicolour block systems on sale.

    There are many factors affecting the price of a block driveway, the most obvious of course include the size and shape of the driveway, but there are other less obvious factors. You can expect your new driveway to cost more if there are any inspection or manhole covers located on the driveway. The cheapest way to deal with this problem is to leave the inspection chamber in place and replace the cover with a recessed cover that will accept peeling locks so will not be immediately obvious that there is a manhole there. another cost factor that should be considered for new driveways as the additional cost of dropping a kerb. If you need a new entrance or intent to widen the existing driveway entrance then you may need to lower the kerb which will need permission from the local council and you will also probably need to use one of their approved contractors.


    Doing it Yourself

    If planning on laying block paving as a DIY project then you will first have to locate all the services such as gas pipes, electric cables, water pipes and drainage. You will also need to check if planning permission will be required, if rainwater will be diverted onto the streets from your property then you likely will need planning permission. Once you have checked for services and whether permission is required, the next step is to excavate and dig out the existing driveway or garden, then to remove all the waste material which will normally be disposed of in a skip.

    Then you need to lay a drainage channel which will need to be connected to the existing soakaways. Next, the subgrade needs to be prepared along with edging blocks for cement. A membrane needs to be put down to prevent weed growth followed by 150 mm of hardcore and 40 mm of hard sand.

     Finally, lay the paving blocks and build a new step to the front door if required.  All that is left now is basically tidying up and finishing off the edgings, sprinkle kiln dry sand over the blocks and brush into gaps for a neat finish.

    Block paving checklist

    • Block paving has been popular in the UK for almost 40 years
    • Modern block paving is available in a wide range of shapes and colours
    • You can choose either concrete or clay blocks
    • Block paving remains an expensive project


    How long does it take to lay block paving?
    The time taken to prepare and lay block paving will, of course, depend on how many people are working on the project and the size of the area. For a typical driveway you can expect the work to take around four days as long as the driveway is fairly straight and simple shape with no elaborate curves.
    Can you lay new block paving over an existing driveway?
    If your old driveway is in poor shape but the foundation or base layer is still in good condition, then it can be reused and will mean that the overall costs of the driveway will be much lower.
    Which is better, concrete or clay?
    Concrete block paving is very popular as it is reasonably cheap with plenty of styles available. Clay paving blocks are more expensive but also harder wearing, fully are more prone to moss growth. Both look great and much of this decision really comes down to personal preference.
    How much will a new block paving driveway cost?
    The actual cost will depend on the size of the driveway, the proposed shape of the driveway, whether or not any services are located under the driveway, whether there are any manholes or inspection chambers in the way, whether planning permission or a dropped curb is required, and even your location.
    Can you leave block paving as a DIY project?
    Yes, you can, however, this is a major project which will be beyond the scope of the average DIY enthusiasts. In addition, if a dropped curb is required then you may have to use a contractor from your local councils approved list.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 7th May 2019.

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