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    All that you need to know about finding job leads for handyman work.

    Finding work where a handyman is required can be difficult due to the scope of a handyman’s work being so broad. Whether it be draft proofing a home, plastering or painting in the home or building flatpack furniture – the scope is very broad for your average handyman.

    While some handymen may advertise in local newspapers, business directories and use nearby job agencies to find job leads, these sources are becoming increasingly outmoded in favour of customers looking for local Handmen online. The importance of an online presence has never been more important for tradespeople.

    List of common jobs

    • Furniture Assembly / Repair
    • Curtain & Hand Rails
    • Door Fitting
    • Floorboard Laying / Repair
    • Shelving / Window Sills
    • Basic Repairs / Maintenance
    • Flat Pack Building
    • Skirting Boards
    • Plastering / Tiling

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    Latest handyman Leads

    Below is a list of recent job leads submitted by homeowners who're looking to hire a Handyman.

    Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

    Installation of small awning. It's 3 x 2.5 metres , I have the brackets, bolts and instructions booklet. You will need a 14mm drill bit, power drill, ladders etc. Probably a 2 person job. Neds executing asap so I can take advantage of this fine weat...

    Under £250 Liverpool Submitted 11:28 on 24th May 2019
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    Curtains & Rails

    I need to have a blind installed in my bedroom as I can’t sleep when the light comes in the morning. So I need something to completely black the room out.

    Under £100 London Submitted 10:46 on 24th May 2019
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    Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

    Cot bed draw wardrobe to assemble.

    Under £100 Rochdale Submitted 10:42 on 24th May 2019
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    Shelving & Hangings

    -Flat pack storage cupboard to assemble. -Shelving unit to put on wall. -Dis-assemble old tambor unit. - Install shelves.

    Under £250 Whitley Bay Submitted 10:34 on 24th May 2019
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    Shelving & Hangings

    Hi, I need a TV mounting to what I believe is a plastered wall. I need a section cutting out a support of some kind putting in and then replastered if possible.

    Under £100 Manchester Submitted 10:30 on 24th May 2019
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