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    Appliance Installation

    Installing new appliances in the home is a job best done by professionals. For example, a new stove might simply require connecting a few electrical wires; however, in some homes, you might be installing new gas-lines, or upgrading to more efficient appliances. When this occurs, you typically don’t have the required equipment, or experience, to do the installation yourself. This is when hiring a local trade-person or contractor is beneficial. Sure, a free-standing microwave is easy to plug in, and its ready to go. But, for the not-so simple appliances, these are some things to consider, when it comes to installation pricing, and hiring the right local professionals for installation needs.

    Consider fixed pricing

    When it comes to installing items like dishwashers, new refrigerators or ice-boxes, washer and dryer sets, and larger appliances, consider fixed-price quotes. If a company charges by the hour, they are going to charge any arbitrary rate of their choosing. And, if they charge based on appliance, this can also cause pricing to fluctuate greatly. When you hire a company, which offers flat-pricing, you know in advance what you are paying for. So, whether the job takes 20-minutes, or 20-hours, you won’t experience increases (at least for installation costs). Apart from this, there are other factors which are obviously going to increase pricing. For example, installing a new gas line can run £150-£250, in addition to the cost of installing the appliance which will connect to the gas-lines. And, you obviously have to set up new services, which is going to be charged through your local energy company.

    What’s included

    With fixed-pricing schemes, everything is typically included in the price you are quoted. For example, an average rate to install a new dishwasher will run from £50-£75. This includes: disposal of the old unit, installing new lines, plumbing, attaching hoses, installing the new dishwasher, and checking it for operation.

    In addition to this, most companies are also going to include a warranty/guarantee, which is anywhere from 6-12 months, which is included in the flat fee which you paid them to install the appliance. Of course, the type of appliance is going to dictate pricing. But, you know everything is going to be done, including the removal and disposal of the old appliance, so this makes your life much easier as a homeowner, when you purchase new appliances to be installed.

    Licensing & experience

    With many appliances, plumbing work, electrical work, or gas-line installation is necessary. Therefore, you want to hire companies which are licensed in their trade, or hire trades-people who are properly trained and have the right equipment to do the job you hire them to do. You don’t want to hire a company, simply to learn they didn’t connect a hose, which causes your washer/dryer to begin leaking the first time you use it. Nor do you want to deal with electrical outages, shortages, or fire-hazards, with an improperly connected gas line.

    All of these things matter when you are hiring a company to install your new appliances. So, it is not as simple as choosing the cheapest price, based on flat-fee pricing, when hiring a company to install new appliances. It is also important to know who you are dealing with, what their credentials are, and whether or not they guarantee the work they are performing for you, when hired to render these services in your home.

    We can help with quote/comparison

    At, we take the guesswork out of getting price quotes when you have to hire a trade-professional to install a new refrigerator or dishwasher. In fact, we bring the contractors to you. So, if you are ready to have your old unit disposed of, and have just ordered new energy-efficient appliances, visit our site to find the best local professionals in your area. Upon visiting our site, you simply have to enter the location where installation will take place. From there, contractors are going to contact you. They will provide you with a full written quote, and information relating to installation, removal, and all warranties offered. This makes quote comparison easy, quick, and allows you to hire the best people, for any new installation job.

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