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    Blind Installation

    Blind Installation

    Now that you’ve invested several hundred pounds to purchase new vertical blinds or costly Venetian blinds, you need to install them. Even if it seems simple enough to do yourself, you might as well get a quote to hire an installation technician to do the work for you. Not only will a licensed professional guarantee their work, they will also warrant the new installation, in the event of malfunction, damage, or if the blinds break, so you are fully covered with your pricey investment when purchasing and installing new blinds.

    What does installation entail?

    When installing new blinds, licensed tradesmen or contractors will do various things. They will initially measure the space. This is not only to ensure the blinds are the right length/height, but also ensure they can be installed throughout the perimeter or the windows/door area they will cover. Once fitted and measured, installation specialists will make sure the blinds aren’t damaged and functioning (for electric or movable blinds).

    At this point they will install the blind-rod, install each blind, and properly affix the rod into place, to avoid movement and damage. The best service professionals are also going to fully test the blinds, to ensure they are functional, and to ensure you are pleased with placement and mobility once they are installed in the room.

    Why hire a company to install?

    Sure, you can install the blinds yourself. But, when you hire a company, they guarantee their work. They guarantee the proper placement of the blinds, checks (mobility, functionality, movement, etc.), and they will typically provide you with a warranty for the blinds and their installation services. So, if anything does happen at a later date, you are going to be covered, and will not incur additional costs, if you have to call the technicians or tradesmen back to your home, in order to do additional repair services, or otherwise modify the blinds, which they have installed in the home.

    How long will installation take?

    Installing blinds isn’t a very difficult task for professionals with the experience and right tools. In a living room or single room, they can typically finish this project in 1-4 hours. For an entire home (2-3 bedroom), this might require an entire day to install the new blinds. In some cases, there are protective shields, electric components, and other features which have to be installed, which will require additional time for completion as well.

    Is it expensive to hire an installer?

    Installing blinds is not the toughest job, nor is it the costliest when hiring a licensed professional or tradesman to do the work for you. For a single-room installation (one door/windows in a room) you should expect to pay between £50-£75 per room. Of course, the height of the space, if they need to rent equipment, or use other lifts to reach higher areas, this is going to increase the overall cost of installing the new blinds.

    If you choose to do the entire home at once, after you purchase your blinds, many companies will offer you a discounted price for the whole-home installation. So, rather than £50 per room/area, you can find companies which will price each room for £45 (or less) in many cases, so the overall cost of installation is going to be cheaper, than if you were to do room by room when hiring the company for installation services.

    Can I hire anyone?

    It is not advised; in fact, at, we do the hard work for you. So, rather than have to call several companies, when you visit our site, you simply have to input your information, including location where the blinds will be installed (where you live). From there, the contractors will contact you directly. Most will do so within 24-72 hours, so you won’t wait too long for a quote. And, most will provide you with a written quote, which is valid for up to 30-days, in the event you choose to get more quotes. You want to save when installing new blinds, but you also want to hire the most qualified professionals. Click here to get started with quote comparison, and finding the most qualified professionals for new installation services in your home.

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