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    All you need to know about finding new building work leads

    From the smallest construction roles like repointing brickwork, to the bigger garage conversion jobs – we can provide job leads to a variety of local work for builders like you.

    When finding builder leads in the past, you may have used other means of advertising, such as local newspapers and business directories. Both of these options are in decline these days, in favour of homeowners searching for local tradespeople online.

    While some builders may be seeking job vacancies as their main goal online, do not underestimate the variety of contract based work available. Whether for residential or commercial buildings, there will always be a requirement for builders.

    List of common jobs

    • Extensions
    • Chimney Building and Repairs
    • Ceiling & Floor repair
    • Foundation Raising
    • Garage Conversions
    • Groundwork / Underpinning
    • Wall Building & Bricklaying
    • Loft Conversions
    • Internal Renovations

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    Latest building Leads

    Below is a list of recent job leads submitted by homeowners who're looking to hire a Builder.

    Chimney Building / Repair

    I want to be able to use a log burner and need a flute put in with a whole so smoke can escape...Then I want a stone wall built around the fireplace with surround to give a real effect.

    Under £1,000 London Submitted 13:32 on 18th July 2019
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    Chimney Building / Repair

    Chimney breast removal upstairs bedroom RSJ in the loft.

    Under £2,000 Liverpool Submitted 13:13 on 18th July 2019
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    Chimney Building / Repair

    Replace/repair broken concert chimney flashing.

    Under £500 Ipswich Submitted 13:04 on 18th July 2019
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    Garage / Outbuilding Construction

    I have a collapsed roof on my outhouse. The rebar has rotted and the concrete crumbled due to water ingress. I'd like a quote to repair, a quote to demolish and replace and a quote for simply demolishing what's there leaving the concrete floor in pla...

    Under £15,000 Whiston Submitted 12:21 on 18th July 2019
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    Concrete Base

    Concrete base for garden cabin 4 metres by 3 metres.

    Under £1,000 Liverpool Submitted 11:58 on 18th July 2019
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    Why use MyJobQuote?

    By using MyJobQuote you can find more work, based on criteria that you choose:

    • Time – pick the jobs that fit best with your work schedule
    • Skills – you’re able to pick work that suits your skillset, by reviewing each job’s details
    • Location – by setting your own distance range, you can limit your work to within an acceptable area

    By being able to filter to these criteria in advance, ensures more jobs will match your needs.

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    Before being able to see all the jobs available, first you must sign up as a builder on MyJobQuote and provide all necessary details, including a customer-facing profile. Once we have this information we can match jobs to you specifically.

    Afterwards, you will be able to see all available work requiring builders in your defined area. You will then be able to review each job & determine if they are job leads that you want to purchase.

    Once a lead has been purchased, we will provide you with the customer’s details. It is then up to you to get in touch to discuss the work.