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Stud Walls

Internal walls come in two distinct varieties: load bearing and non-load bearing. Most often can’t tell the difference just by looking at them, but structurally a load-bearing wall acts as a support for the roof, a floor, a support beam or another wall above it. Obviously, load bearing walls need to be a lot stronger than a non-load-bearing wall, plus they need extra foundation support underneath. It is common to use blockwork for the load-bearing walls, and timber stud work for non-load-bearing walls. Timber stud work walls are often simply called stud walls, which are usually built using vertical 100x50mm timbers nailed to a timber fixed across the floor and ceiling.

Shorter lengths are fitted horizontally between the studs called noggins and then plasterboard is fixed to both sides which allows the entire wall to be plastered. Stud walls are a pain if you want to fix anything like shelves or mirrors to them because if you miss the stud with the fixings, the plasterboard will simply fall apart when you try and mount anything to it.

Who can complete the job?

If you need to remove or build a stud wall, or alter an existing one in some way (perhaps to make a doorway), this is a relatively easy and straightforward job. A professional joiner, carpenter or handyman will be able to complete the job. Handymen are multi-skilled tradesmen that provide help with everyday jobs around the home, they are perfect for simple repairs and maintenance, including basic building jobs and even some plumbing and electrical work. Even though hiring a handyman is cheaper than hiring a time served joiner or carpenter, but you still need to do all the same checks you would normally do before letting a tradesman loose in your house!

To build a simple stud wall to divide a room, would take a team of two around 2 to 3 days, but this includes getting a plasterer in once the wall is complete to plaster over and provide a ready to decorate finish. This assumes no plumbing, electrics or doors required. If lights or radiators require moving, this will take more time and will of course increase the price. Note that if you are building a stud wall to divide a large bedroom into two smaller bedrooms, then Building regulations require that all bedrooms must have an opening window to the outside of the property, so you cannot divide a large bedroom into two smaller ones with only one window, unless you plan to fit a new window onto an external wall. It is always a good idea to ask your local building control office to double check if planning permission or approval is needed before starting any building project, though planning is usually not required for simple stud wall jobs.
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